Subscribed! While also being suitable indoor spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, the bench is crafted with mortise-tenon joints and metal rail inlays to enforce durability. Bench length per person will, … The cushion was one whole piece, yet it was divided up into squares to provide texture. Eos comes from the Greek goddess of dawn and bringer of light. Danish designer: Niels Hvass designed and created the Cutter Bench for overly nostalgic outdoor use to bring a simplistic and elegant within garden and patio spaces. Organized differently depending on the type of food service model, restaurant layouts attempt to optimize seating arrangements, group sizes, circulation patterns, waiting areas, and degrees of comfort and privacy. Minimum banquette seating clearances space tables 12”-14” (31-36 cm) apart, which is the depth of an average human, and require an overall zone of 36”-38” (91-97 cm) per table. Want updates on new Dimensions content? The Eos Bench was designed with the mindset of functionality and visually pleasing aesthetic. Benches can have a depth anywhere from 15-20 inches (38-51 cm), although the typical bench used for dining is considered to be around 17 ½ inches (44 cm). Join our monthly newsletter! The Nelson Platform Bench is a multi-functional rectangular midcentury bench that can be used as seating, as a table, or a platform base as necessary. Luxurious, modern, and pristine is how people would describe the Florence Knoll Two-Seater Bench. Subscribed! Length (Small): 48.0” | 122 cmLength (Medium): 60.0” | 152 cmLength (Large): 72.0” | 183 cm, Drawings include:Nelson Platform Bench front elevation, front (woman sitting), side, plan, front/plan (long), front/plan (short), Design Within Reach - Nelson Platform BenchWikipedia - George Nelson (Designer). Designed by George Nelson in 1946, the Nelson Platform Bench is constructed using finger-jointed solid maple or walnut connections for additional strength. How many square feet is needed per person in a restaurant? The different common types of restaurants include fine dining, casual dining, family style, fast food, cafe, and buffet with newer kinds on the rise. Kitchen Island with bar stool seating (overhang included): – 48 inches W x 36 inches D x 36 inches H (120cm D x 90cm D x 90cm H) – 72 inches W x 36 inches D x 36 inches H (180cm D x 90cm D x 90cm H) Drawings include:Florence Knoll Two-Seater Bench front elevation, front (woman sitting), side, plan, Design Within Reach - Florence Knoll Two-Seater Bench. Ambience and comfort are two key elements to focus on when designing a restaurant, as these two working hand in hand lead to successful business and happy customers. A confirmation email has been sent. For better privacy, recommended … Full-service has one seat per 12-15 square feet (366-457 cm). The most basic bench is one without a back, but common benches seen in public areas and parks usually have arm and back rests. A comprehensive reference database of dimensioned drawings documenting the standard measurements and sizes of the everyday objects and spaces that make up our world. This one of a kind bench was designed and crafted to suit residential and formal spaces to showcase the finest leather one could sit on. A bench between 42 and 52 inches in length will seat two adults comfortably. The stackable/durable Eos Bench and Eos collection were designed for a simplistic and comfortable outdoor dining setting with can be completed with the Eos dining set. Select an item on the right to compare relative dimensions to Banquette Seating. Join our monthly newsletter! Chrome-plated steel structure; leather seat. The cushion was one whole piece, but was divided up for texture. On average, bench length can range from 42 and 60 inches (107-152 cm). Originally made of wood, benches today are made from a range of materials that include metal, concrete, stone, and plastics. Banquette Seating is a space efficient dining layout that pairs a continuous bench (typically upholstered) with moveable tables and chairs to seat a maximum amount of people in a restaurant. Minimum Clearances:Table Spacing: 12”-14” | 31-36 cmTable Width: 24” | 61 cmTable Depth: 30” | 76 cmOverall Table Zone: 36”-38” | 91-97 cmRecommended Clearances:Table Spacing: 24” | 61 cmTable Width: 30” | 76 cmTable Depth: 30” | 76 cmOverall Table Zone: 54” | 137 cm, Drawings include:Banquette Seating minimum plan (tables), minimum (people), privacy (tables), privacy (people), Millennium Seating - Booths and Banquettes, Wikipedia - RestaurantFit Small Business - Restaurant Floor PlanWebstaurant Store - Dining Room DesignThe Balance SMB - New Restaurant Layout Basics. Use our Size Comparison calculator to compare the dimensional properties of Banquette Seating with other related elements from our database.