These rooms are optional, but inside lie several challenges with suitable rewards. After a cutscene, you'll be ambushed by a small army of foes. You're caught in a time where war between man and machine wages relentlessly...and the … Focus on the goblins first, then the elf, so you won't have anything distracting you when you tackle the troll. The red glowing enemy explodes on impact, which will damage you. If you can defeat all of the enemies before time expires, you'll be allowed access to the taller of the two, which yields better items. Don't sweat it - just stay here and shoot them one-by-one as they march their way up the stairs. Because of the multiple rocket-launchers, it's advised to hang back and let the foes come to you. With the nearby rocket-launching douche bags taken care of, move into the room and tackle the remaining foes however you wish. Too Human Walkthrough Videos (Completed) Total number of 21 videos by marduk30 (08:17:45) Title: Duration: Date: part 1 Hall of Heroes (with cutscenes) HD (00:23:39) Sep 18 2014: part 2 … Index: Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3 : Chapter 4: Section 1-1 | Section 1-2 | Section 1-3. Upon landing, ready your weapon, for you've got some goblins to slay. Welcome to the Too Human wiki guide. Once clear, step onto the platform between the purple lights to be launched to a far walkway. In the case of a timed battle, you'll find two pillars: One taller than the other. For Too Human on the Xbox 360, Guide and Walkthrough by Kaldris. Cyberspace Trek across the grassy field, but turn right just before the tree to find a pillar for some item goodness. If for whatever reason things aren't going your way, remember you can always retreat back up the stairs and use your guns while the enemies come to you. Once you've cleared out the room, return to the start and check out the staircase on the left to find some containers as well as a switch, which activates the door on the exact opposite site. Too Human Xbox 360 walkthrough and guide at GameSpy - Check out the latest walkthroughs and guides for Xbox 360 ... Cyberspace With the troll down and out, you'll appear in Cyberspace. As you probably know by now, the easiest way to kill him is to keep your distance, shoot his chest-plate until it's damaged, then jump on him from behind and deliver the one hit KO. Another long stretch with some goblins, elves, and rocket launchers in the back. Make sure to activate the pillar about halfway, on the right. Your name is Baldur, a God of the people. Because the rockets can be difficult to dodge when engaged in close-quarters combat, we suggest staying on the stairs for now and using your long-range weaponry to target the nearby foes (Beam weapons are particularly effective). Once ready, step onto another launch-platform ahead. You'll soon descend down a long ramp which leads to an enclosed area blocked by a red gate. Too Human Walkthrough. Once clear, activate the pillar ahead, just left of the ramp, then head inside to tackle a few more foes. Section 1-1 | Section 1-2 | Section 1-3. Once you've cleared them out, dash up the rocket-launchers and take them down with a few quick melee attacks. As you approach the launching point, prepare for two elves to drop in, but they're no match for a couple of direct hits. Further up are some more foes - use the same basic strategies you've been using up to this point. Take them down, then go through the door you just passed and continue through the hall. When done, bust open the containers in the right corner then continue along the pathway. The easiest way to deal with them as back away while blasting your guns. Move to the Obelisk in front of you, activate it to get the Push ability and then continue onward. Just beyond awaits another horde of enemies, including one tough shielded bastard. Continue through the canyon beyond, battling the foes along the way. After clearing out the foes, bust open the containers in the right corner, then cross the room and climb the staircase. Go up to the well and activate it to reach a new part of Cyberspace. As you approach the entranceway, a shielded enemy will appear - lay into him with melee attacks. Afterward, be sure to explore the room for any containers you might be able to bust open. After you approach Freya and leave your flashback, go to the well and press A to enter cyberspace. Once clear, you'll notice three inoperable doors. Look for another pillar on the left, then battle some more dudes to knock down another gate, leading to the jump-pad. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. With them down, bust open the containers in the corner to the right, then follow the walkway onto a lift which will take you up a floor. As such, avoid using melee attacks and instead attack it from afar using your guns. Like before, use the shields for protection from the rockets, and take them down as soon as you get the chance. Anyway, to the right of the area you landed is a barrier you can destroy with melee attacks. A full list of the 18 cyberspace wells needed for this achievement can be found HERE 1. Because of their proximity, you're going to have to focus on using melee combat. Follow it past some more enemies and cross the bridge you extended. There are a couple of troublesome things we should mention: Once clear, continue through the far door and down a long hallway. Get ready to tackle a few more foes here -- shoot the Red one first to take down the nearby others. Head through it to warp to a time-based challenge - make sure to bust open the containers before returning to the main room. Just run up and slay them. As soon as you land, a horde of Goblins will dash toward you. After exploring the three rooms, head around the corner and past another door to find a pillar. Chain together melee attacks to destroy them.