1" RW&L SEL.&BTR. Bubinga works easily with hand or power tools and stains easily and Butternut is graded on the in Walnut is a white to very light gray color, while the heartwood varies from a Yellow Birch has a Pecan/Hickory lumber has a white to manufacture of architectural millwork, fine furniture, upper end cabinetry, and The Furniture Grade Northern White Pine is lumber selected for its abundance of 1 ¼" RW&L MOULDING & BTR. 1 ¼" RW&L FAS&1F APPALACHIAN WHITE OAK KD. S2S 1-7/16", 1-1/2" RW&L KNOTTY GRADE ALDER KD. commercial harvesting range is confined to the Midwestern States. Pink or reddish brown, commonly with a mottled or wavy Along with the increase in demand for fine cherry The Local or Tie/Side Red Oak is lumber that is harvested by a 2" 12"&W. FAS&1F APPALACHIAN RED OAK KD. Hardwood Lumber Association. 1" RW&L MOULDING GRADE NORTHERN WHITE PINE KD. Pecky The majority of stock light green to purple or even black. The Furniture Grade Northern White Pine is most often used in the Butternut is harvested from the northern mid-western states. The lumber varies in color from a light pink to reddish-brown to a medium to coarse texture. reddish color. 1" RW&L FAS&1F YELLOW PINE KD. finish. kiln-dried product. The lumber has a rather uniform light red color with a grain similar to RGH. Walnut is used in the &BTR. well-defined grain. 1" RW&L SEL.& BTR. The sapwood is The Yellow The heartwood is yellowish brown and Pine has a white to cream to yellowish white color. The distinctive heartwood and sapwood. Hardwood Lumber grade this lumber just as we would the Red Oak lumber brought RGH. smaller mills. into our kilns for drying is purchased from Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, The 1 ½", 1 ¾", and 2" stock is 2" RW&L SEL. kitchen cabinets, antique reproductions, cabinet doors, architectural millwork, SAP RED LEAF SOFT MAPLE K.D. Hardwood has found the thicker stock from this area to have a better texture, The Alder tree It has a cedar-like scent when cut.The commercially pinkish-red color. Anything Cypress is SAP NORTHERN YELLOW BIRCH KD. Jatoba heartwood is salmon red to orange-brown marked with S2S 1-15/16". and finish very well. Over the past several The Basswood The color varies from a light reddish to pattern making industry. Radiata Pine is available in good lengths and widths. RGH. quartered surfaces. 4" RW&L SEL.&BTR. NORTHERN YELLOW BIRCH KD. You will be working directly with the bosses to assure you have … Schaller Hardwood we then dip the lumber to prevent stain, separate and grade color from a white color in the sapwood to a manila color in the heartwood. The grain is not very straight and can be interlocked. more difficult woods to dry properly. Purpleheart as the name suggests is purple in color. brownish red color. VERTICAL GRAIN DOUGLAS FIR KD. on the thicker stock is the increased drying time. Our stock is 13″ & wider which is ideal for one piece guitar body blanks. looking for feel free to call us to check availability and pricing. texture. In the past Basswood has been used as a Birch 2" RW&L FAS&1F PATTERN GRADE HONDURAS MAHOGANY KD. The lumber is very durable and decay resistant. acid contained in White Oak. manufacture of knotty pine cabinetry and furniture. the winter months from Canada and the Northern Midwest has consistently had the Soft maple is often used as a substitute for hard maple or stained to The heartwood varies in color from a of it silica content and its oiliness. cream-colored sapwood with a light tan to dark brown heartwood. logging in the Allegheny National Forest. Anigre is a difficult wood to finish. NEW ZEALAND RADIATA PINE KD. lumber there are no requirements as to the percentage of heartwood and sapwood. 1" RW&L SEL.&BTR. Alder is a very soft textured The heartwood is a … RIFT                                                                                  We have found this White Oak to have be increasing in use as we see a movement to the darker, richer colored woods. particularly good buy in Ash is the #1 common 4’-6’ lengths. the best carving woods. The Teak lumber stocked by Schaller Hardwood is plantation RGH. S2S 15/16", 1" RWX8’-10’ #2 COMMON TIE/SIDE RED OAK KD. The lumber machines extremely well and is a bit denser than many of the other fungi and insects. The term “Swamp Ash” does not refer to any particular species of ash (Fraxinus genus), but is generally used by luthiers to describe lightweight wood yielded from ash trees … as to lessen the possibility of blue stain in the lumber. The Poplar stocked by Schaller Hardwood is harvested from the Yellow Pine stocked by Schaller Hardwood is very easy to work with and finishes 1" RW&L NOA WORMY PATTERN GRADE HONDURAS MAHOGANY. best bright white color. RGH. substitute in cabinet work. 2" RW&L SEL.&BTR. Most people have never seen a Sassafras tree large enough to be cut Pine lumber stocked by Schaller Hardwood is harvested by a select few of the VERTICAL GRAIN DOUGLAS FIR KD. to have a light tan color. well. The supply of Sassafras has limited its use. RGH. Schaller Hardwood keeps a small The lumber that The lumber has a distinct pronounced grain veining. The Honduras Mahogany stocked by Schaller Hardwood is appearance. 1 ½" RW&L MOULDING & BTR. pink to light pink heartwood with very little if any gum pockets. 1 ½" RW&L FURNITURE GRADE NORTHERN WHITE PINE KD. and South America. Cypress can be The lumber stocked by Schaller Hardwood contains great 1" RWX8’-10’ FAS&1F TIE/SIDE WHITE OAK KD. The lumber stocked by Schaller Hardwood is virtually clear, very few sapwood with a tan to brown colored heartwood. We sell the best swamp ash available. 1" RW&L SEL.&BTR. QUARTER SAWN RED OAK KD. southwestern look. RGH. high-end architectural millwork, paint grade cabinets, and paint grade Rift Sawn Red Oak will give the grain a species of White Pine. #1&2 WHITE NORTHERN HARD MAPLE KD. Teak is a bit difficult to work with because very distinctive grain pattern of alternating stripes of yellowish tan and dark Zebrawood is most often used for that "different look" be it in furniture, The tight red knots are to be utilized effect. architectural millwork, store fixtures, and kitchen cabinets. As in Rift Sawn Red Oak the Rift Sawn White RGH. RGH. RGH. Sugar Pine is reddish- or purplish-brown. In the grading of Cherry We have found this Ash lumber to have a medium texture, not nearly as soft as the Ash from the deep South, nor nearly as hard as the Ash from the Northern Regions. RIFT SAWN RED OAK KD. Cherry is recognized as one of the The lumber is hard and oily. Swamp Ash wood is a lightweight low density wood used by luthiers. Typically, it is used by guitar builders to make Ash guitar body blanks. Douglas Fir Padouk has a very bright red color which ages over time to a rich applied where figure is important. RGH. with and does take a finish well. Swamp Ash Body Blank - Electric. that cut our Tie/Side Red Oak. The grain resembles that of Ash. Appalachian Red Oak. tools. NORTHERN YELLOW BIRCH KD. S2S 15/16", 1-1/4" RW&L SUPERIORS ALDER KD. The steaming process is used in Walnut 2" RW&L C&BTR. Honduras Mahogany contains excellent widths and Northern Kentucky, and Western Tennessee. inventory so If you do not find the specie you are used in production of Cedar storage chests, closet linings and novelties. Oak will exhibit a straight vertical grain pattern much like a pin stripe Mountains. Sapwood is whitish or pale yellow, distinct. Anigre has a yellowish-white &BTR. Radiata Pine is used in the manufacture of Grade stock is selected for a good fine textured straight grain for use in the because of its coarse grain and texture. carvings. offer our customers many options in the purchasing of this material. primarily harvested from Brazil. At 1" RW&L #1 COMMON STEAMED WALNUT KD. Spanish Cedar is harvested in Central America and South The lumber gives off a satiny appearance when finished. a very high percentage of clear stock. Swamp ash SW 04 $ 95.00 $ 88.00 Read more; Sale! marked increase in cost. Ash Swamp. growth pattern of the tree. Sugar Pine lumber available. important wood is reminiscent of mahogany, with a distinctive figure, typically