The Yamaha LP1 3-pedal unit is specifically made for your P-121, P-125, and P-515 digital pianos and is a perfect complement to the L125 furniture-style stand. The wooden stand + piano cost roughly $750 ($832 w/ tax) on Amazon. The LP1 attaches to the L125 stand (required), giving you true piano-like pedaling with the traditional soft-sostenuto-sustain pedal arrangement and half-damper functionality. Features: - Wooden Furniture Stand for P125 - Compatible with LP1 3-Pedal Unit - Not compatible with P115 or any other Yamaha Digital Piano Note: Piano not included. Comes with the original box if you want it. The P125 includes a stand, piano stool, pedals and headphones so you can start practising straight away in the comfort of your own home. I purchased this piano earlier this year, it is very lightly used and hasn't left my room. 3-Pedal unit for Yamaha P125, P121 and P515 Yamaha L125, L121 or L515 furniture stand is required for use Traditional piano pedal layout with soft-sostenuto-sustain pedal … The Yamaha P125 Digital Piano is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, and allows you to take your music anywhere. The L125 is a wooden furniture stand for the Yamaha P125. It will include the L125B Wooden Furniture Stand made by Yamaha specifically for the instrument. It also includes a single sustain pedal. It is compatible with the LP1 3-pedal unit.