It’s well worth the effort. Please consult the Sennheiser Frequency Finder Tool to discover the optimal frequency bands in your particaular location. Thanks for checking out this B&H InDepth article. Sennheiser ew100 G3 Mic Problems. Question: Do I set each systems to a "different bank AND a different channel"? Everything could be running smoothly one moment, but you could get hit with interference at any time, and it’s helpful to know how to remedy the situation. In wireless microphone systems, the audio signal can get amplified at the input of the transmitter, amplified again at the output of the receiver, and amplified a third time at the input on your camera. If any one of them is too low, you won’t achieve good signal-to-noise performance. 1) When the transmitter is powered on, press the Set button once. Much more informative than the information supplied in the Sennheiser booklet than accompanies the product. Serv. You have until Feb 01, 2021 to return or exchange items bought after Oct 19, 2020. I will use the techniques listed here on the next shoot. Deal. NOTE: In a vacant television channel you can operate up to 8 wireless microphone systems or about 6 wireless IEM systems. The Sennheiser G3 systems have 20 Banks of frequencies with 12 Presets each. Tell the person who’s wearing the mic to speak at the volume they’re going to use during the shoot. Even though you can use these systems right away, they’re designed to be versatile, and they offer some important features that can help you avert potential disasters. It's all a bit confusing and sometimes overwhelming for a starter like me, especially the audio part, so this was really helpful! Very useful article.Got one straight out of the box on location, adjusted the transmitter output level but didnt know there was a level setting on the receiver as well. There will be no interference between the units as the systems will sync to different, discrete frequencies that will not compete for bandwidth. To help select an appropriate operating frequency range for wireless microphones and wireless IEM systems for your geographical area we offer a tool on our website called the Frequency Finder: ( As a result, the units are easy to operate and adjustments to the settings can be made quickly and “without looking” – even in stressful situati- ons, for … The final audio level that needs to be adjusted is the input level on your camera. If you have any questions at all about Sennheiser ew 100 G3 wireless systems, you can speak to a B&H sales professional by visiting our SuperStore in New York City, giving us as a call at 1-800-866-6969, or joining us for a Live Chat. If the initial results list doesn't appear to show any available frequencies try changing the "ATT" drop down menu from 30 dB to 40 dB and the color indicators for available frequencies will adjust accordingly. I'm new at this, so it might be a dumb question. The method you use to adjust it is the same as the transmitter. From here you can review the Frequency Finder results list to determine what operating frequency range would be optimal for your region. The key to setting levels with the Sennheiser G3 wireless systems is to keep an eye on the audio-level meter on the transmitter and the receiver’s display. 1 EW100 G3 P MUTE-10 40 0 25 10-20-30 RF AF MHz ˘ˇ 40 30 20 10 RF Diversity display: Antenna input I is active Antenna input II is active RF signal level: Field strength of the transmitted signal Squelch threshold level PEAK-10 0-20-30-40 AF Modulation of the transmitter with peak hold function. If set to MIC, the signal will be too  low for your phone to detect. no? Do you have to sync the receiver and transmitter every time you turn them on, or is it good to go once you've done it the first time? Are there any downsides to B vs. A in terms of interference? If you continue to have issues and you have checked the batteries and connecting cables, please contact SENNHEISER directly. The word “sync,” with a black triangle graphic, will fill the display of the EK 100 receiver. You can use them until October 13th, 2023, which is not quite 6 years from now. Next, press either of the arrow keys until Easy Setup is displayed, and press the Set button again to enter into the Easy Setup mode. After you use the Easy Setup feature on the receiver, you must use the Sync feature on the receiver to beam the new channel to the transmitter wirelessly. Any ideas on noise is Sennheiser ew100 g3 when transmiter is off. When you give up the reliability of a hardwired connection and go wireless, you run the risk of experiencing interference. Store #0906712 Elec. The next level that you need to adjust is the AF Out on the EK 100 receiver. A few of us produce videos in medical facilities and RF interference costs us time quite frequently. Some cameras have physical dials for adjusting the input levels, and on other cameras the audio levels are adjusted in the menu settings. The default settings of the Frequency Finder are set for general use both indoors and outdoors. and also which frequency do I choose from, the one with the most frequency or the one with the least? I have 2 Sennheiser ew-100 G3 systems, and want to use them in each of the following settings/scenarios: ONE: 2 separate systems (both a transmitter and a receiver) in 2 separate adjoining rooms. You mentioned that you have the Pilot Tone on, but you didn't mention where you have squelch set. I timed myself with a stopwatch, and it only took a minute and a half to scan frequencies, and to sync the new frequency with the transmitter. Reply. So my question is - When you have the G3's receiver positioned above your camera's hotshoe horizontally and assuming that your talent's transmitter is likely mounted vertically most of the time, how much signal degradation would you get vs. when you have both transmitter and receiver positioned vertically? :)  /Sincerely Yours; John R. Set the systems to the same bank and different frequencies. It’s a pretty simple task. Again, the ideal setting is when the meter is bouncing a little more than halfway up the scale; however, the meter that you need to look at will be found in the device into which the receiver is plugged, such as a video camera or a mixer. My mic was picking up static in between words and this solved the issue! PEAK 1. This article provides simple instructions on how to scan the frequencies in order to avoid interference, and explains how to adjust the audio levels to get optimal results. For maximum signal strength, both the transmit and receive antennas in a wireless system must be oriented in parallel with each other. Very helpful and easy to understand. When I first used my first G2 device, I had the same experience. Thanks Nick. Thanks! Even though you can use these systems right away, they’re designed to be versatile, and they offer some important features that can help you avert potential disasters. If you’re using a camera with numbered meters, you'll want to adjust the audio level so that the meter is bouncing around -12 dB, or slightly below. Either way, the method is again the same. The ideal setting is when the meter is bouncing a little more than halfway up the scale. Deal. "Most commonly used antennas in wireless audio are linear polarized. please help!. When adjusting the AF output, you mention "monitoring the device the receiver is plugged into" and "bouncing about halfway up". Great article, Sam...keep 'em coming! They will not interfere with each other. We also encourage you to submit your thoughts in the Comments section, below. I recently picked up two G3 systems and they work a treat. Be sure that your amplifier can accept this mic level and/or the amplifier is setup for, or switched to line level. Am I correct in that each transmitter will be set to the same BANK as the receiver, BUT to a different "channel"? Linear polarization means that the antenna is radiating electromagnetic energy on one plane only, either vertically or horizontally. Check the receiver's MENU settings for the receiver output and select LINE. No. In this case, the transmitter is going to require a higher audio-level setting. PEAK 1. Thanks! Very simple and easy to understand! Sennheiser ew 100 G3 Wireless Mics: How to Scan ... Hands-On Review: The Novation Launchkey [MK3], Testing the AKG Podcasting Essentials Kit at Home, Working from Home with the Shure Aonic 50 Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headphones. Create a B&H Account, America's Best Customer Service List-Newsweek, Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice. The mic is talking to the reciever but the bars arent moving on the screen of the camera? There is no reason why you would not select the same G3 bundle you are currently using. Gen. #0907906. The Presets within these Banks were chosen by Sennheiser to help you avoid common pitfalls that are often encountered when operating wireless mics. I usually leave this in the low setting. The frequency range is decided by chipsets. Sennheiser ew 100 G3 wireless mic systems are a popular option for use in video production, and they typically work right out of the box—without requiring you to fiddle around with the settings.