and find homework help for other Science questions at eNotes Advances in science affect economic performance and the achievement of societal goals, from health to national security. Philosophy plays an important role in science in terms of questioning the foundational assumptions, limitations, methods and implications. The role of chance, or "luck", in science comprises all ways in which unexpected discoveries are made.. There are certain rules which have traditionally been played by science teachers. Instead, it means that a researcher has made an unexpected discovery due to the specific procedures that they chose to follow in their experiment. Science teachers are the mirrors of society and a society which does no respect its teachers is … Physics can, at base, be defined as the science of matter, motion, and energy. Get an answer for 'Explain the importance of technology in science.' Computers are such normal parts of our lives that we often overlook the transformational effect they have had on society. Physics plays an important role in all the natural sciences, however, and all such fields have branches in which physical laws and measurements receive special emphasis, bearing such names as astrophysics, geophysics, biophysics, and even psychophysics. Science and technology has made life a lot easier and also a lot better with the advancement of medicines and analysis on diseases. In the mean time science teachers should use ICT along with their professional skills during lesson to maximise its potential. One recent example of the incredible merger of computer technology and engineering was the use of computer simulations of origami models in order to assist in space satellite assembly and deployment. Key... See full answer below. The Role of Chance in Science. The 21 st century in India is apparently marked as the beginning towards an advancement in terms of technology and enrichment of knowledge base in the fields of Science.. At present, India holds a strong position in terms of advanced technology. [1]: pending:yes [2]: #fn-1 [3]: #fn-2 [4]: #fn-3 [5]: #fn-4 José Goldemberg is a physical sciences professor at the University of Saõ Paulo, Brazil. Role of Science Teacher. Gain a working knowledge of other science and technology applications. The Science Behind the Growing Importance of Collaboration. Science and scientists can play an important role in determining those choices and implementing development strategies. Writers and politicians believe that teachers have the greatest part to play in society. The role that science and technology has played in improving the life conditions across the globe is vivid, but the benefit has to been harvested maximum by all countries. As Cheney (2003) states: “Understanding the role of IT for science is important because of the central role of science in today’s information society. When discussing serendipity in relation to science, “chance” doesn’t mean that nature is behaving capriciously. There are ranges of software tools available to science education such as Interactive White Board, Simulations, Data logging, Spreadsheets, Word processing, Virtual Learning Environment, Desktop Publication etc. Strategy Sep 6, 2017 The Science Behind the Growing Importance of Collaboration Plus, ideas for designing spaces that encourage employees to team up in unique ways. Based on the research and insights of. Over a period of time, India has progressively and perceptibly paved way for development in the field of Science and Technology.