Popular Filters. Children will discover the joys of cooking with the Opinel Le Petit Chef box, a special box for little gourmets and apprentice chefs alike. Even so, items are sometimes withdrawn in order to make way for our innovative products. Offering extremely practical features, you'll find multiple uses for our multifunction pocket knives every day. The box contains a finger guard, a peeler and a rounded chef's knife with a training loop to help proper positioning of the fingers and to prevent the hand slipping onto the blade. The knife's beautifully sharp blade glides through crusty sourdough, French baguettes and dense rye bread with equal ease. And with absolutely no … Handy to give your Opinel a long lasting life. Go ahead take a look! Learn how to craft a charcuterie board that looks as good as it tastes and get inspired from the Opinel Community in making your own spread. The N°10 Corkscrew, the N°09 Oyster and Shellfish Knife, the N°08 Mushroom Knife and the Cheese Set are all essential tools for your drinks parties, picnics or festive meals. Full Tang; Dishwasher Safe; Half Tang; Serrated Blade; Includes Gift Box; Forged; Intempora; Parallele; Customizable. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. The small blades such as the Paring Knives, the Peelers, and the long blades such as the Santoku, the Chef's knife, the Carving knife, the Meat and Poultry knife... are available in polymer handle or in wood handle. Give your employees, customers or business partners a memorable and useful gift. Our range of accessories also contains unique-design sheaths and is adapted to our collection of knives as well as sharpening products, natural stones and sharpeners which prolong the cutting properties of your blades. An ideal collection for maintaining and caring your garden. Shipping Over $39 Produced in the heart of the French Alps since 1890, the Opinel pocket knives draw simplicity and durability from their mountain roots. The full-tang blade extends throughout the entire length of the handle. Ideal for trimming wood, building a shelter, exploring nature, making toast or just going on an adventure. Their masterful design combined with their ancestral tradition of fine craftsmanship will impress even the most discerning connoisseurs. We continue to deliver your orders in France and abroad. The Bon Appétit + Tempête Set combines 4 colours to give the table a modern look. The Opinel children's knife comprises a blade with a rounded end, offeringing greater safety for the young. Looking for a new set of kitchen knives, but aren't sure what knife you'd like? the Opineltable knife and steak knife ranges guarantee the perfect cut when dining. 2 min read, November 05, 2020 Get wild in the kitchen and outdoors! Our Q&As answers the most commonly asked. Free U.S. We think you are in North America. Over time, the Opinel folding knife has been adopted in the entire world and is now recognised as a design icon. Get notified when this item is back in stock! Please send your knife to OPINEL - SAV - 508 Bd Henry Bordeaux 73000 Chambéry, with indication of the service "Intempora and Forgés 1890 free sharpening" and your contact information on free paper. November 19, 2020 Please be aware that stocks are limited, so snap up these bargains now. From his workshop at the foot of the French Alps, Opinel forged a cult classic. $39.00. Customizable. With its range of folding tapered knives Opinel offers you a collection with an elegant and distinguished design, accompanied by beautiful materials (beech, padauk, olive and horn). Parallele Serrated Bread Knife.