Many who pay for olive oil and suppose they are using it have per- haps never tasted the pure article. The production olive oil in Tunisia has increased to fourfold due to many recent initiatives were taken by the major producers in the country. The total global yield of olive oil for the 2019/2020 sea­son is esti­mated to reach 3.67 mil­lion tons, com­pared to 3.13 mil­lion tons previously. That is the reason why none of the countries that are in the top 10 list of olive producing countries are from … The famous Mediterranean diet has its rationale. Of these countries, Spain stands out as the largest producer. List Notes: Data is top 5 countries that produce the most olives in metric tonnes for the year 2012 (latest year for which statistics are available as of March 2014. name by the American firms producing it, whereas now it is shipped to Europe by these firms, reshipped to this country as the product of the olive, and foisted upon the American public as "pure olive oil." Then, we took a list at two other competitions ranking the best 50 olive oils in the world, as well as the best organic olive oils. The production is still kept local and artisanal, but keep an eye for 1492 if you prefer a more traditional, unique product. Even though Olive production is now across all six habitable continents, the maximum production is still limited to the Mediterranean climate. Tunisian Olive Oil is famous for its great quality and is making its market in 60 different markets across Europe. Global olive production 2012/13 to 2019/20 ; Olive oil production in selected countries 2011-2019; U.S. olive production 2000-2018; U.S. imports of edible and inedible olive oil 1999-2017 The countries that stand out most for growing and harvesting the olives used to make olive oil are Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia and Portugal. About 17% of Italy’s olive producing areas are currently estimated to be infected with the disease, olive … The three countries represent 95% of European production. This statement, which may at With fruitier, richer flavors than commercial Mediterranean olive oils, Elvio Olave and Las Docientas’ organic oils and blends have done much to establish Chile as one of the top countries for olive oils in the World. The rest of the Mediterranean pro­duc­ers are expected to chip in another 400,000 tons of olive oil, and the rest of the world 70,000 tons overall. Tags: Crops Sources: FAOSTAT data, 2014 (last accessed by Top 5 of Anything: January 2014).