Do you know these Italian adjectives for describing a person’s character? cercavo idee originali da utilizzare con i miei studenti e mi sono imbattuta su questa pagina. How to use Italian adjectives. Allegro – cheerful. italian adjectives to describe a person. Cattivo – mean. Ti assicuro che starò più attento nei prossimi video. The nose of Giovanna is round, bulbous. If you have to describe a person needs to know adjectives. Which three best describe YOU? houses called Trulli. bad-tempered. To describe a person, about the physical appearance or character  you have to use principally qualifying adjectives. In Italian there are two groups of adjectives: those ending in -o and those ending in -e. How to Talk About the Weather in Italian ? When we have to describe someone or something, we usually don't find the more appropriate adjectives. In our everyday life there are many situations in which we need to describe people; their appearances as well as their personalities. Italian adjectives must agree in gender (masculine or feminine) and number (singular or plural) with the noun they refer. Do you know how to describe an animal in italian ? Even the shoes are black. Potrei aggiungere una frase all’interno del post, che stigmatizzi atteggiamenti di bullismo , ora la studio per bene. Using adjectives How to make adjectives agree Comparing people or things Demonstrative adjectives Interrogative adjectives Adjectives used in exclamations Possessive adjectives Indefinite adjectives Previous Next – Useful phrases to make a call,,,,è.mp3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, How to order food in italian – At the restaurant, Daily routine in italian – How to describe your typical day in italian, Daily routine in italian - How to describe your typical day in italian, Learn italian online - I introduce myself - Lezione 1, Days of the week in italian - Months and seasons in italian. Tutto molto carino, strutturato molto bene, ma sento di doverti dire una cosa, mi ha un po’ infastidito leggere frasi come: And which ones are you definitely NOT? I’m here with some friends, Giovanna, Luana and Nicola. learn to describe the physical appearance of a person. 1. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. _______________________________________________________________. maligna/una vipera. Adjectives ending in –o in the masculine have different endings in the feminine and plural forms. In this lesson we will talk about adjectives, we will. So if you want to participate in these conversations around the table, you better start practicing with essential Italian adjectives for describing tastes: Questa pizza è molto buona / saporita / gustosa.