Hence the word was also used to express the idea of attacking, whipping or scourging. Greek however did possess it, and had further a deep distinction between two types of wars: those against other Greeks, and those against outsiders of the Culture, barbarians. "Enemy," "enemies," are frequent words in the Old Testament. Another zayin word is zar, which means enemy or foreigner. But it also emphasizes the idea of splashing the water with the oar, lashing out at the water. Hebrew words for arch-enemy include שָׂטָן and אוֹיֵב הַרָאשִׁי. Chet/Hhet h Tent wall, fence, separation, … The Hebrew spelling for zar is the letter zayin, the letter sound of “Z,” with a word picture of a weapon or strife, followed by a resh with the letter sound of “R.” with the word picture of a head of a person or highest or top. English: Enemy, Opponent, Foe, Rival. The Hebrew word most often so translated is 'oyebh, meaning perhaps literally, "one who hates"; very frequent in the Psalms, eg. VAV the Iron Nail and Wooden Hook. The word picture for zar is a head of a person who is an enemy or the highest enemy. ALEPH The Enemy who is pictured as the Strong Leader who is the Prince of the Power of the Air. Auib. Our Western languages unfortunately do not 130 THE 20TH CENTURY POLITICAL OUTLOOK make this important distinction. Adversary/enemy/opponent translates into Hebrew as yariv or mitnaged or oyeiv. Hebrew Translation with Vowels: אוֹיֵב Word Type: Noun, Masculine. So the enemy was being honest, he had to be, God knew what he was up to, he was walking … 3:7; 6:10; 7:5; 8:2; 9:3,1; 13:2, where the cry is often for deliverance from enemies. ENEMY Beyt Yood Vav Aleph. And finally BEYT the Tent that represents the Household. Find more Hebrew words at wordhippo.com! VAV … YOOD the Hand. The former were … The word to and fro is mishut in Hebrew which in its Semitic origins means to row a boat where we get the idea of to and fro. Let’s look at the plans of the Enemy revealed in the Word of God. Latin possessed two words: hostis for the public enemy, inimicus for a private enemy. The four-letter Hebrew word Enemy is composed of four pictures: ALEPH the Ox.