Pellet grill and smokers are amazing cooking equipment that, provide a better and easier outdoor cooking experience. You will also love that it comes with a thermometer that allows you to monitor the smoker’s temperature. About Us. The number of consumers that expressed great satisfaction with this product makes it encouraging for purchase. With an influx of customers, you need to stay ahead of orders. Many consumers also said that this is one of the best commercial smokers to use in a restaurant. With no gas lines to worry with, it is easy to install in your commercial kitchen. new Cookshack IQ5 electronic control system for 3-stage cooking and the ability to download cooking data onto flash drive. Also, the cooking grates come in a steel design. Overall, you will have a smoker with a cooking dimension of 25.59 x 19.29 x 41.73 inches. Commercial Smokers. However, the customer care system was quick to rectify those packaging issues. The digital controller includes programmable, customizable cooking pre-sets, alarm cycle, 16 character LCD display, and USB port for downloading up to 512 hours of cook time onto a FAT formatted USB flash drive. Finally, it comes with four wheels that will help to move the smoker around quickly as you want. Overall, it has a cooking space of about 17inches deep, and the wide-area stands at 16inches. You don’t have to worry about these shortcomings, as the following commercial pellet smokers are durable, highly efficient, and easily manageable. Customers were happy to talk about the beauty of having to work with this professional meat smoker. However, a few of the users expressed disappointment with the heater as they claimed it is underpowered. The commercial smokers in this list are large in size and power, so they are especially suited for large family gatherings or even restaurants. Call our professional sales team for more information at 1.800.423.0698. Yes, a commercial smoker can be used indoors, because they are often smaller in design. Also, the majority argued that it is easy to wash and does not quickly get stained. Oven temperature range is from 140°F to 350°F, The IQ5 controller electronic time/temperature control system features 3-stage, 2-stage and probe mode cooking options, Meat drippings exit the bottom of the smoker into a removable drip pan for a clean, safe operation, An optional meat probe allows the user to set the smoker to a desired internal meat temperature and then automatically cycles into a hold when the temperature is met, Tough double-walled 20-gauge stainless steel construction surrounds 850°F Spin-Glas® insulation for superior heat retention, The FEC240 runs on 7 amps @ 120VAC, which means pennies per hour operating cost. One of these indoor meat smokers’ fantastic features is that it uses real wood to get food smoked. Heat and Flavor source is 100% food grade wood pellets which are controlled by a fully automated wood pellet system. With movable parts created on these grills, we should also mention they might be susceptible to breakage if not handled correctly. These commercial pellet smokers have digital controllers akin to the controllers found on modern-day indoor ovens. Finally, you also need to focus on the size of the meat, chicken, or fish you will be using the machine for. It features an offset firebox and a convection fan to circulate smoke and heat for steady temperatures throughout the unit. of pork butts, 240 lbs. For example, if you are using it at home, you need to check if your kitchen space is big enough to hold the smoker. These pellet smokers will infuse the authentic wood flavor making people reminisce about traditional wood cooking. Prior to buying any commercial pellet grill, know that some pellet smokers require access to electricity, and maintenance is also to be considered. You will also love the provision of the ash catcher that allows for smooth cleaning of the trays. Additionally, you will love this smokers’ digital design as it makes it easy to control how deep you want your food smoked. The FEC240 will fit through a 36″ standard door so it is perfect for compact kitchens where space is a premium. Service & Support. Also, you will love the beautiful stainless-steel construction of this smoker. Thinking about all of these and wondering if it’s possible to start making your smoked meat? It comes with high insulation that helps to prevent heat loss. The analog control comes with minor issues. The Fast Eddy’s™ by Cookshack FEC240 uses the new Cookshack IQ5 electronic control system for 3-stage cooking and the ability to download cooking data onto flash drive. If you want a monster commercial meat smoker, the chubby backwoods smoker is for you. It comes with a patented side wood chip loading that allows for the smooth addition of wood while cooking. Additionally, this smoker has its flames inverted for deep cooking of your meat, fish, or chicken. The smokestack offers a bunch of adjustable flues that helps to enhance the flavor of the food. What could be more fulfilling than having to make your juicy smoked meat from the comfort of your home?