All the big supermarkets buy their fresh chicken from the same handful of processing companies that dominate the intensive farming and abattoir business. So if meat from those containers is later packaged or used in other products, it will lose the label. It didn't have a brand label, or any source identification. I certainly don't want to end up like all the dogs that died from the chicken treats, so I don't buy Smithfield, and now I notice that Smithfield is the main brand of pork products that Walmart carries....SMH. “If we were to determine that their system is equivalent, why wouldn’t it be?” Al Almanza, administrator of USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, previously told POLITICO. Even with the USDA allowing Chinese-processed chicken to be imported in the U.S., few U.S. companies are expected to take advantage. Good question. I was a bakery mgr there. I don't buy any meat from Wal-Mart for this reason!! I'll be checking back to see answers and I'm "Starring" this question so more people will see it. Where does it all come from though? I ask, because I have noticed a HUGE difference in the quality of beef between Walmart and other stores. Well, a lot more of it comes from abroad than you might think. In fact, Chinese-processed chicken that is used in restaurants, added to cans and other food products, or sent in bulk to be packaged by retailers would likely not be labeled to show that it was processed in China, officials say. More Recent Stories. Check your labels, folks. You can sign in to vote the answer. “In the near future, American consumers may begin eating processed poultry products from China, and then possibly poultry raised in China, without knowing it or being able to make informed choices in the marketplace. However I do like to base opinions on "facts" and I don't really know where the "Great Value" pork products come from, so I just don't buy it either for that reason. They were all fired. “The chicken is of U.S. origin unless it undergoes a substantial transformation in China, making it a new and different article of commerce,” explained Jenny Burke, spokeswoman for … But consumers can rest easy that the chicken served to them today is not yet from China, and it probably won’t be for some time. Ground beef is ibp which is owned by Tyson. Anyway...I never buy meat there because of that. Regardless, consumer safety advocates are vehemently opposed to plans to send U.S. chicken to China for processing due to safety concerns, and the labeling issue only enrages them more. “The chicken is of U.S. origin unless it undergoes a substantial transformation in China, making it a new and different article of commerce,” explained Jenny Burke, spokeswoman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, in an email. I had a friend who is an executive with acme grosery stores conferm this. Black Friday starts off with whimper despite record day, No thanks: Lions fire Matt Patricia, GM Bob Quinn, How the post-election stocks rally stacks up against history, Reynolds, Lively donate $500K to charity supporting homeless. Same thing for their Great VAlue chicken... strange texture, and way too "juicy". Get your answers by asking now. This North American species was once abundant, but has become extremely rare and extirpated over much of its range due to habitat loss. Wal-Mart takes bids from different companies to make great value products. Well, for starters Chinese-processed chicken will be allowed to skip the ‘Product of China’ label in several instances because the country of origin labeling law, or “COOL,” does not regulate cooked meat — and at least for now, the U.S. does not import raw chicken raised and/or slaughtered in China. There's nothing like cooking from scratch, especially when you start with Great Value™ Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast. “There are ways, given the current laws, that the Chinese-processed chicken would lose its identity,” Roenigk conceded. The USDA has quietly ended a ban on processed chicken imports from China. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.), one of the most vocal critics of allowing Chinese plants to process U.S. chicken, sent a letter to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack on Wednesday with seven questions related to the issue, including one specifically on labeling. Don't buy you chicken or meat from walmart they get their meats from factories that abuse there animals and don't buy Tyson products either they do the same thing don't believe watch this video,