Who Is The Greatest Female Warrior In History? Pennsylvania, after it suffered a disastrous flood. offered to lead an American branch of the organization. work helping people in times of war and times of peace made her a symbol In 1869 she went to Geneva, As late as 1900 she Five years later she went to Johnstown, She was the youngest child of Stephen Barton, a farmer courage and concern for people made her presence strongly felt She was an ardent woman’s rights activist and was part of the woman’s suffrage movement. Her siblings were more parents than playmates. She. However, her This legendary war-nurse resigned from her government job during the American Civil war and set out to the dangerous front line of the war at a time when women were not allowed in the battlefields. Soon public pressures and conflict within the Red Cross was taking place. Barton did not work primarily as a nurse during the war. Switzerland, hoping to improve her condition through rest and change. New York: Free Press, 1994. visited Galveston, Texas, to supervise assistance after a tidal wave. The first official meeting of the society was held at her apartment in Washington D.C. On August 22, 1882, the first local branch of the Red Cross was set up in Dansville, Livingston County, New York, where she owned a country home and also had many social connections. 1904. Clara Barton: In the Service of Humanity. given freely in support of the troops. She also introduced this work system in Lyons, In 1873 she was awarded the Iron Barton acquired skills that With President Lincoln's approval, she set up the Since the age of three, she had exceptional reading and spelling skills and attended the Col. Stones High … He was a soldier under the command of General Anthony Wayne in his crusade against the Indians in the northwest. By this point Barton was a figure of international fame. Bureau of Records in Washington and traced perhaps twenty thousand men. Clara was the youngest of 5 children and most of … North Oxford, Massachusetts Clarissa Harlowe Barton was born on December 25, 1821, in North Oxford, Massachusetts and was named after the titular character of Samuel Richardson's novel Clarissa. required to pay for children's schooling. Reformatory Prison in Sherborn, Massachusetts. In 1862 she was permitted to travel to places where the fighting Barton then returned to the United States and settled in Danville, New The American Barton also traveled The Top 25 Wrestling Announcers Of All Time, Famous Role Models You Would Like To Meet, Celebrities Who Are Not In The Limelight Anymore. Her mother was not kind to her. Birth: December 25, 1821 in North Oxford, Massachusetts. sick and wounded during wars. She was also an African-American rights activist. In return her brother taught her skills that young women She became Thus many children were unable to attend. Affectionately referred to as the ‘Angel of the Battlefield’, Clara Barton is the most respected woman in American history who offered tireless and dedicated services to wounded soldiers at the war front. In 1865 Barton decided to begin the project of locating missing Ahumanitarian works for the well-being of others. Barton suffered from periods of poor health. She later recalled that his tales Barton was working for the patent office in Washington, D.C., when the In 1861, she was again appointed to the US Patent Office and started serving as a temporary copyist and wished to grant more opportunities for women to work in the government offices. devoted to her major cause. its funds. A Woman of Valor: Clara Barton and the Civil War. itself became too much for Barton. They urged her to In 1871, following the Siege of Paris, she worked relentlessly and took care of the public distribution of food and medical supplies to the poor and affected victims in Paris. Thus, at age In 1877 she wrote to a founder of the International Red Cross and Civil War (1861–65) began. was one of many such honors for Barton. Charleston, South Carolina. everywhere she went. In 1897, she travelled through sea to Constantinople and established the headquarters of the American International Red Cross in Turkey after obtaining official permission from Abdul Hamid II. In 1882 she traveled as a Red Cross worker Cross of Merit by the German emperor, William I (1797–1888). Clara Barton was born on December 25, 1821, in North Oxford, medical personnel to be treated as neutral parties who could aid the year later her extraordinary efforts brought about U.S. agreement to the Twelve years later, she founded and was headmaster of a free school in New Jersey where 600 stude… Massachusetts. In Washington she collected and https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:ClaraBartonWcbangel.jpg#file, http://civilwarscholars.com/2012/07/video-antietam-decisions-sorely-missed-by-jim-surkamp/, http://www.americancivilwar.com/women/cb.html. It soldiers. Cross, a group that worked to help victims of war. In 1883 Barton also served as superintendent of the Women's She founded the American Red Cross at the age of 60 and served as the President of the organization for a period of 23 years.