Less exuberant in colors as some of its cousins, it has gained immense popularity in the country as pets over the past couple of decades. They are highly wonderful due to great brilliance. They are the birds of diverse changes and variety of features that are different in all species. The Blue Crown Conure is one of the sweetest of the entire Conure group. They do not bite as other conures does. They are moderate birds but these are loud in noise. See more ideas about Conure, Blue crown, Parrot. It secures the nest very aggressively. These are obviously wonderful and good natured pets. If they are given toys then they will play in a good form. It is good for conures. It is portable because it is lightweight. It is eco-friendly item. They have black lower mandible, beige upper mandible and the beak is multicolored. For increasing their immunity it is very important to provide them good care. They are very active birds and they are very loud. The strong immune system is confirmed for their health. They are not picky and can turn down the bowl of vegetables and fruit. Female incubates the eggs alone and it needs complete warmth for hatching. These are wide and spacious for offering good space to play. These are cuddlier birds. Scientific Classification Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Class Aves Order Psittaciformes Superfamily Psittacoidea Family […] They reside in semi-arid regions, forest margins and grasslands. It is very easy to care. For the majority of the users these cages are perfect due to easy care. Their health issues are Aspergillosis, beak malocclusion, Psittacosis, feather diseases, Psittacine beak, Proventricular Dilatation disease, Diarrhea, Loss of appetite, Feather plucking, Weight loss, Anorexia, Cough and wheezing, Beak Swelling, Lethargy, Red or swollen eyes, Favoring one foot and Nasal or eye Discharge. It is lightweight and portable. They like interaction. Blue Crown is known as good talkers in conure, but also, they are not much talkative as other parrots are. These are very good pets and are playful. Of course, individuals often dramatically vary in temperament and disposition, and much depends on how they are socialized as babies and in their various human interactions. Best Cages For Blue Crown Conure Parrots 1. They love to learn tricks. They are kept as pet very easily and variety of features makes them good pets. The blue-crown conure is one of the larger members of the conure family found in South America. Their natural lifespan is thirty to forty years. Blue Crown Conures are affectionate, inquisitive, playful, calm and quite friendly. It is made of strong and sturdy material. They have light blue hood to cover their cheeks, forehead and crown. They are always in good energy and showing tricks. These are extremely wonderful because these are made of steel bars. In the wild, blue crowns are known to flock with mitred conures and cause damage to grain and fruit crops. These parrots are incredible to interact with family members. These are parrots are extremely talented and intelligent. They like attention but they do not like ignorance. These are less aggressive birds commonly. They can improve their vocabulary. They give loud calls by intimating sounds of variety. These are less aggressive birds commonly. This parrot’s light forest and woodland habitat is being systematically destroyed year after year, but it is healthy in aviculture and easy to find, largely due to the movie “Paulie.” They scream when they are frightened. For the owners they bring hours of joys with their playful nature. Browse through available blue crown conures for sale by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. They like to interact with others. These birds offer lifetime commitment. They do not bite. It is durable and portable. Quality Parrotlet Cages Of 2020 – Your Parrots Ideal Home, Charily Pick The Cage For Your Cockatoo Parrot, 5 Best Cages Of 2020 For African Grey Parrots, 5 Signs Of Parrot Mating Behavior And Body Language. They love to eat figs, mango and small chunks of papaya. They like to show tricks as compared to talking. It can be washed with the anti-germs solution. These are energetic and love to learn tricks. These parrots are less talkative but these are loud in noise. They are monomorphic sexually. The blue crown is between 15 and 16 inches in length from its head to its long, pointy tail. They give very loud calls to their companions to interact with them. They give loud calls to their companions for interaction. For Blue Crown Conure Parrots, it is a perfect choice. The blue crown conure is one of the largest members of the conure family. These are lovely birds and for the first owner they are not problem pets. They know how to whistle. They need heavy protein diet during breeding season. They are affectionate and loving birds. They have good potential and energy. If they get bore then they become sick. The blue crown conures are not as brighter in colors as other conures. They softly blended colors make them the distinct conure. With good care and healthy diets you can increase the lifespan of these parrots. Their body contains green color in variety of shades. They like to show tricks as compared to talking. It saves them from many health problems. They do not bite. In the wild, they are very easy to recognize due to their loud sound. They can easily be recognized in the tree due to loud calls. Their average length is 14 to 15 inches. They like interaction to others. They are social and loyal companions. If they are sitting quietly in the trees then it is difficult to spot them out due to coloring.They are found in, Venezuela, Uruguay, Columbia, Brazil, Bolivia an Argentina in South America. It helps in revealing their locations in the tree. In the flight these are very noisy. When they open their tail in fan shape the red color can be seen properly. Bird and Parrot classifieds. The tropical fruits are perfect for these parrots. Their history is full of diversity. These are native to eastern Columbia in the north and in the South to the northern Argintina. They like to live in grouping with other conure parrots. Our lovely Blue Crowns are very affectionate and social birds, bonding strongly to their owners (as long as they are well treated, that is). They are found in few colors in the aviculture. In the wild, these parrots dwell in large flocks. In the summer season they start laying eggs. Biting is normally not an issue of these lovable parrots. New Double Extra Large Cage: During breeding season, they require more calcium and carbohydrates. They may suffer many health issues that can be serious for their life. For the users, it is highly wonderful to place in the home as per their requirement. These birds have the ability to play and show tricks. They are the most laid-back and sweetest parrots of the whole conure group. They will give you good company. It is a dynamic product that is designed with high quality material. Due to playful nature they can be taught very easily the tricks and techniques. All these species have unique characteristics. You can keep your children with them because they love to show tricks and entertain. Blue Crown Conure Parrots Biting and Aggression: They do not bite as other conures does. They are native to South America therefore they like vegetables and fresh fruits. They like to interact with others. They do not like boredom. It is very easy to care and made of strong and sturdy material. . They are wonderful pets as compared to other conures. It is wide and offer them enough space to move and play inside the cage. It is very important to be careful about their regular diet and health checkups. They are moderate birds but these are loud in noise. In the captivity, they get good care, healthy diet and good interaction. About Blue Crown Conure The Blue Crown Conure is one of the sweetest and most laid-back of the entire Conure group. They also try to mimic human speech, and that will make them cuter. They can easily play inside the cage and spread their wings. These are considered exceptional birds. All the breeds are dramatically different in moods, disposition and temperament. Next year on my birthday Im really wanting either a Blue Crown or a Sun conure.I leaning heavily toward the Blue Crown.. Offering them reward and prize is the vital key to win their trust and love. Jun 24, 2016 - Explore Stephanie Scott's board "Blue Crown Conure" on Pinterest.