& sampler), S90ES (2005, based on Motif 8 ES without seq. Comes with a fine tuner. All of the Timpani Models (except 9000) are balanced action. Yamaha Dynamic Guitar S-50A (c.1969): headstock and soundhole. Yamaha claims that no other AV receiver on the market offers as many 8K HDMI inputs as these new models, with three on the RX-V6A (7 inputs total) and all four inputs on the RX-V4A. setup without the need for speaker wire to the AV receiver. In addition to DTS-X and Dolby Atmos, the RX-V6A goes even further by offering Dolby Atmos with Height Virtualization, simulating the overhead sound experience for an immersive, 360-degree sound field in a number of speaker configurations. Yamaha PSS 125", "Yamaha PSS-270 Retro-Keyboard Full Review", "Wer Wirbt Wie / Wie Klingt Was - Archiv der Anzeigen und Werbesprüche der "Elektronischen Musikinstrumente" - Hard- und Software", "EEVblog #256 – Yamaha PSR-80 Keyboard Teardown", "Yamaha Guitars & Amplifiers catalog 1968", JA patent application publication 1951-190, Dynamic Bracing on Yamaha Dynamic Guitar No.40, "YAMAHA/Dynamic Guitar No. Whether you're 4K-ready today or preparing for 8K to come, both models are built to support and pass through the highest resolution content available. YAMAHA CR-1020 VINTAGE RECEIVER SERVICED IN ORIGINAL BOX W MANUAL * MINTY! [8] Also, the photograph of major models on each era is available on the 50th anniversary site. For products made by Yamaha Motor Company, see List of Yamaha motorcycles and Yamaha Motor Company#Products. Yamaha Unveils Next-Gen AV Receivers, Featuring Multiple 8K Inputs, New Look and Immersive Technology, 7.2-ch., 100-watt AV receiver with Zone 2, 8K/60Hz & 4K/120Hz*, HDMI 2.1 with HDCP 2.3 and eARC (7-in/1-out), Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization*, YPAO Multi-Point automatic room calibration, Voice control with Amazon Alexa, Siri (via AirPlay 2) and Google Assistant, MusicCast multi-room app control with optional wireless surrounds, 8K/60Hz & 4K/120Hz*, HDMI 2.1 with HDCP 2.3 and eARC (4-in/1-out). In 1888, Yamaha started to manufacture the reed organs. Included DX7 compatible drum Rom cartridge, EPS-D8 (1986) PTX8 "Percussion Tone Generator", Pads: PTT8 (tom), PSD8 (snare), and PBD8 (kick), YCL-SE(custom clarinets starting from this point), DSP Factory DS2416 (digital mixing card (PCI) for PC/Mac, based on 02R), AW1600 (2005, 24bit/16tr(8rec)/36in mixer), AW2400 (2005, 24bit/24tr(12rec)/48in mixer), AW16G (2002, 24bit/16tr(8rec)/36ch mixer), CMX100 / CMX100II / CMX100III (1988/1989/1991), Sound Edge SW20 PC (1995, ISA sound card using, IMX644 (2009, digital installation mixer), MG16/6FX / MG166C / MG166CX / MG166C-USB / MG166CX-USB, EM-200 / EM-200B (8in/8mic/2aux/2out, 2×9band GEQ, output:2×200 W/ch), EMX212S / EMX312SC / EMX512SC (12in/6mic/2out, C = comp, 1×SPX, 2×7band GEQ, output:220/300/500 W/ch), EMX5014C (14in/8mic/6comp/2out, 1×SPX, 2×9band GEQ, output:2×500 W@4Ω/ch), EMX5016CF (16in/12mic/8comp/2aux/2out, 2×SPX, 2×9band GEQ + FRC, output:2×500 W@4Ω/ch), DME24N / DME64N (digital mixing engine with network audio interface), Vintage Channel Strip (2011, EQ & compressors/limiter), Vintage Open Deck (2011, tape compression simulator), YIS PU-I-20 / PU-I-10 (1981, CPU:YM6502+Z8000, Mem:128kB, Graphic:Vector graphics, 512x384@3bit, 12bit color pallet), YIS-503 / YIS-503II / YIS-503IIR / YIS-503II/64 / YIS-503IIIR / YIS-503IIIR/128 —, YMU786 (MA-7) — a mobile phone sound chip with, YMF293 — Formant Singing sound chip used for, YMF7x0 series — for on-board or embedded solutions, YMF7x4 series — for PCI bus standalone adapter, YMP706 — Formant Shaping / FM Synthesis used for. CD Player; Integrated Amplifier / Separate Amplifier; Speaker system; Turntables / Tuners Headphones and Other Products F-5 / F-15 / F-25 / F-35 / F-45 / F-55 (1984, FE-30 / FE-40 / FE-50 / FE-50M / FE-50MB / FE-60 / FE-70 (1984–1986/1987), FS-20 / FS-30 / FS-30M / FS-50 / FS-70 (1983–1986...1988(FS-30M)), FX-1 / FX-3 / FX-10 / FX-20 (1983–1987/1988), HS-4 / HS-5 / HS-6 / HS-7 / HS-8 (1987–1992), ME-15 / ME-35 / ME-55 (1986–1989, portable keyboard style), CE20 / CE25 (1982) — cost down preset version of FM synth, SY20 (1982, ensemble synthesizer for classroom), SK50D (1980, 2 manuals organ/poly-synth/solo-synth/bass), SY-1 (1974, solo part of GX-1, monophonic synth with initial/after touch), CS-01 (1982, shoulder keyboard, with breath controller), CS-70M (1981, 6-voice dual channel, patch memory, polyphonic seq. In addition, both the RX-V4A and RX-V6A offer MusicCast Surround, allowing optional wireless MusicCast speakers to be paired and used as surrounds in a 5.1-ch. [9], Genos series (The 'SX' Series are Based On the Genos), PSR-SX (Replaces The Successful PSR-S Series), Asymmetrical double cutaway guitar based on earlier SG-2, 5/5A, 7/7A [see above], manufactured in early 2000s, BB-400 Series† passive electronics series[51], BB-600 Series† active electronics series[51]. This is especially helpful for compatibility not only with Ultra HD TVs and emerging 8K setups, but also in preparation for the latest gaming platforms arriving this fall. ), YM-40 (3 1/2 octave Standard Padauk marimba), YM-1430 (4 1/3 octave Standard Padauk Marimba), YM-2400 (4 1/3 octave intermediate Acoustalon™ marimba), YMRD-2400 (4 1/3 octave Acoustalon™ Multi-Frame II marimba), YMT-2400 (4 1/3 octave Acoustalon™ Tough-Terrain™ Frame marimba), YMRD-2900A (4 1/2 octave intermediate Acoustalon™ Multi-Frame™ II Marimba), YM-4600A (4 1/3 octave Professional rosewood Marimba), YM-4900A (4 1/2 octave Professional rosewood Marimba), YM-5100A (5 Octave Professional rosewood Marimba), YM-5104A (5 1/2 octave Custom rosewood Marimba), EPS-1 (1986) PMC1 "Percussion Midi Converter", Pads: PTT1 (toms, snare), and PTB1 (kick). Note that Yamaha Motor Co. has been a separate company since 1955 which shares the brand name Yamaha with Yamaha Corporation, although the Corporation owns 9.92% shares of Motor Co. YP-40 (1983, export model), 1st generation; CWP-1 (2001) Clavinova Grand (CGP/CVP-GP/CLP-GP) CGP-1000 (May 8, 2006) CVP-309GP (October 29, 2003) CVP-409GP (May 8, 2006) CLP-175 (2003, export model), predecessor of CLP-295GP; CLP-265GP (2006) CLP-295GP (2006) Clavinova Ensemble (CVP) To learn more about the new RX-V series and capabilities, Yamaha is hosting a webinar, open to the public, on Thursday, August 27 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern / 2:00 p.m. Pacific. "Bring the theater home, put yourself in the center of the action and build the immersive experience you and your family deserves.". 4/Acoustic Guitar/1960s", "YAMAHA Dynamic Guitar S-20 - equalization of the fret heights, and the replacement of an octave tuning bridge", "YAMAHA Guitas & Basses - New products archives over last 20 years", "Yamaha TA-20, TA-30, TA-60, TA-90, RA-50, R-60", "YAMAHA Drums - New products archives over 20 years", "YAMAHA others - New products archives over 20 years", "2012 - News Release - News & Events - Yamaha", "History of Products - Yamaha Professional Audio", "Yamaha Folk Guitar catalog 1969 (Red label 1)", "Yamaha Folk Guitar catalog 1969 (Red label 2)", "Yamaha Folk Guitar catalog 1972 (Green label 1)", "Yamaha Folk Guitar catalog 1972 (Green label 2)", "Yamaha Folk Guitar catalog 1974 (Black label)", "Yamaha Folk Guitar catalog 1974 (L-31/FG-1200S/FG-1200SN)", "Yamaha Folk Guitar catalog 1978 (Custom/Order made)", "Yamaha Folk Guitar catalog 1980 (Electric Folk)", "Yamaha Folk Guitar catalog 1981 (FG series)", "Yamaha Folk Guitar catalog 1981 (Electric Folk)", "Yamaha Folk Guitar catalog 1982 (XS Limited)", "Yamaha New Commer catalog 1985 Winter (guitar pages)", "Yamaha New Commer catalog 1985 Winter (keyboard pages)", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Yamaha_Corporation_products&oldid=989334431, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing cleanup from December 2012, Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field from December 2012, Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from December 2012, Articles needing additional references from April 2009, All articles needing additional references, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles lacking reliable references from March 2011, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2015, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, RSG-1 / RSG-3 / RSG-5 / RSG-10 / RSG-30 (2008, for U1/U3/-/UX10/b121/YF&b113), RE-1 / RE-3 / RE-10 / RE-30 (1999, for U1/U3/UX10/W100), RSE-1 / RSE-3 / RSE-10 (1999, for U1/U3/UX10), CVP-6 / CVP-8 / CVP-10 / CVP-100MA / CVP-100PE, CVP-35 / CVP-45 / CVP-55 / CVP-65 / CVP-75, CLP-40 / CLP-45 / CLP-50 / CLP-55 / CLP-200 / CLP-300, CLP-152S / CLP-153S / CLP-153SG / CLP-154S / CLP-155 / CLP-157, CLP-820 / CLP-840 / CLP-860[M] / CLP-870 / CLP-880[M][PE], CLP-920 / CLP-930 / CLP-950[C][M] / CLP-970[C][M], CLP-120[C] / CLP-130 / CLP-150[C][M] / CLP-170[C][M][PE] (2002/2003(PE)), CLP-230[C][M][PE] / CLP-240[C][M][PE] / CLP-270[C][M] / CLP-280[C][PE][PM], CLP-320[C][M] / SCLP-320 / CLP-330[C][M][PE] / CLP-340[C][M][PE] / CLP-370[C][M][PE] / CLP-380[PE][PM], YDP-141[C] / YDP-161[C][B] / YDP-181 / YDP-V240, YDP-143 [R][B] (2016, GHS) / YDP-163 (2016, GH), YPT-210AD / YPT-210DI / YPT-210MS / YPT-210MSB, D-1 (1959–1962, electronic organ products), EX-42 (1970–1977, stage model, design origin of GX-1), 405 / 415 (1980, U.S. models of the D-65 / D-85), A-3 (1966, red combo organ, forerunner of YC series), B-2B / B-4 / B-5A / B-6D / B-10A (1971–1973...1978(B-4)).