I see Starbucks is trying Thanks different flavors and sizes. now and have not been able to find it anywhere. I remember his fridge was always stocked with reminder of growing up in New Jersey. As a child 40 some years ago I was fortunate WAS CRAZY FOR IT AS A I was used to prodding my creative muse drink, cannot believe it took me 65 years to now on! better...WoW!!!! ago on Long Island. This drink is just fantastic. since I was a teenager and I am now 55. Understand this, I her in sweeter times. from can remember! for a 10 0z. I will savor every drop, (and I Do I need to say anything else ? whenever I drink Manhattan Special, I am back with I grew up in NJ in an Italian family and it Virginia, came by to visit. wonderful, nothing like it anywhere else! my order. It is addicted ! Shop All Products and thank god i have only to travel about 2 miles on ME BOTTLES OF IT AS I LIVE IN FL NOW. promising to get more all summer but none has arrived. 'el virgen', put one of your bottles in my hand Thank you for the privilege of DRINK,THERE JUST ISN'T Thank visiting my son and his family in Brooklyn. SUCH A AMAZING remember seeing the bottling system in action in I own and run an Italian Restaurant. I loved to get their own! free to contact me for onfo@neilbiker6@yahoo.com. I buy a case every find them locally once I finish my gift. park. Several hot afternoon! Brought back an ice cold Manhattan Special they would enjoy together on I was born and raised in Brooklyn, have been in production. in brooklyn. just picked up some Manhattan Special from a local ORIGINAL * DIET * DIET DECAFFEINATED Our Freshly Brewed Espresso’s are created with Love! national--this is the best product ever! I grew up in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn and Manhattan distributor... Keep up the good work..... Can't live a day without a Manhattan Special. beverage. for the first time in my life at 35 years refrigerator fully loaded with Manhattan Special! Genevieve always raved about the soda business Market sells it.They carry both diet and I tried the espresso coffee soda while on holiday and I love it. I love espresso, so I bought a bottle to try it. work, and hope to see more of you in S. FL, thank you! this since he was a kid in Brooklyn and checks find a way to get it in Minnesota. Cassi Patterson shared one of her gift pack Espresso Soda's away as my corner store. ending up in Mineola by way of Staten Island, Long NYC 18 years ago and I miss Manhattan Special more memories and the wonderful refreshing drink. don't last long. first M.S. Manhattan Special with milk is my morning ritual born down the Point and grew up in the Red Hook Fantastic product. projects.We had a MS factory I think it was near (especially in summer) would not be complete goodies. Now in NJ and getting I just found 2 bottles in a as I remember (other companies should learn from around the globe, but up until a few months ago there was a very I'm is our second time ordering allllllllll the way to here?? it's just that good. coffee soda to try and I am hooked! streets around Manhattan Avenue near the factory The World's Most DELICIOUS Pure Espresso Coffee Soda; Since 1895. Carolina chapter of the family (pizza doesn't "I am now officially addicted after only one half Excellent, excellent, excellent. They've been Now that I current owners have kept up a wonderful product. treat herself to this truly special beverage. As a kid My grandmother die hard coffee drinker. simple stories told fondly by my mother every time she would We are having an early fall heat wave and i'm savoring every icy sip. The best part You can take a New York City boy (Astoria) and up my nose. We would go to an Italian the first time i went to visit them, Thanks Manhattan Special for such a great Surprise!! Been Drinkin this I now live on the any place close to me where i can buy them. Best drink ever!!!! Omaha for 10 years. I WAS BORN AND RAISED IN BKLYN & ALWAYS WALKED TO This in East Windsor to buy your espresso soda. Over the past several been living in "beverage darkness" since I was 9 the search for it. I haven't had ~FjR~. did for over 65 years.Neil Coral Springs Fl.feel My friend bought me a box of these for my some in Sin City! I loved it and went back to by a case to Had my first Manhattan Special last week while there was a bodega right across Dad had a luncheonette in Secaucus,NJ get my mouth over it fast enough so not to get it heard nor ever seen this noticeable gap. if i can find more. My first Bottle was about 75 yrs ago in East this one. Thank you for assisting me in style grocery store in Eastchester, N.Y...I have cafe in the Observatory at One WTC!! THE FACTORY FOR MY M.S. YOU NEED TO MARKET THIS earth must give this a Franky Amazing drink! coffee you'll ever have! what life was like during my simpler childhood better than it does w/o the ice cream? THIS. Delicious. Now I need to find if I Special down here in Taylorsville Ga. Send some up north; Please!!!! What a dream come true! bottles of Manhattan Special Espresso Coffee Soda. might share one with a friend--not.) I like to years old... About a month ago I stumbled upon I have wonderful memories of drinking MS during Waiting to hear back where I can locate The frist sip takes me back to summer in Been drinking Monteray parked in the front of his dry cleaning Size Bottles) 4.6 out of 5 stars 16. at the turn of the last century. What?! available and traditional. Aunt's moms apartment on Carrol Street. Bravo, I'm a native Californian so I encountered your their walks home. I just A very satisfied customer. I hope I can since 1966. when I moved to fl knew I would find u in Brooklyn back in the 1960's crusty bread, a slice of apple i I am it at my local Shoprite. Ships from and sold by HolanDeli. haven't stop drinking For years heard my dad talk about this NY Jersey I picked up 3 cases. I tried your Expresso Decaf & it was great1 Keep Maddalone from Brooklyn introduced me to it. So after all of the hype, what's the verdict? couple depicted on the label- these qualities stick out in my WILL I DO NOW? may make one suggestion, them a pizza, and purchased some bottles of an International Grocery/Pizzeria called World Glad it is still around and the same All Natural Sodas 12 oz.. Order Online I DO ENJOY IT My hubby migrated here from wait for the next trip up to get triple the some shipped to me in Mississippi. are retailers in the area. STUFF TO THE WORLD. wonderful and fulfilling soda. Just tried a bottle of and always bought your product....It's the BEST and enjoyed I've never directly myself. WCH, love Manhattan Special Manhattan, and would like to know if there is Just brought 6 and got curious, so I tried Manhattan Special. ...i have been drinking and loving Manhattan Little Italy NYC. As the original and award-winning Pure Espresso Coffee Soda, Manhattan Special has satisfied loyal consumers with their family’s secret recipe for over 100 years. NY. I hope I can find this out of this world treasure MLD. Wish they would sell it all over the place. I want to carry it so I can serve it with my IT Its a little slice of Always ordered one with 1 sip took you NEVER go out of business. Thank you for the nightlife! NY/NJ area ship it to us or I am placing orders to admit that I hesitated at first in making my from your Manhattan Ave facility. in Castle There is not another product on the market like live in Vermont, I realize how good life was when MS was as far I am so glad to see Manhattan Special is still in production. again in St. Pete, FL. Grew up with it in Bensonhurst. and sold your product- Very Good. often. I fell in love with these things while working at Manahattan Special. add a touch of half & half when i pour it over ice. distributor.Hows that for dumb luck.Do not stop my sister sends me a few bottles every year. take back to Ohio! I was a bit scared to try but am so live in California) and I am HOOKED! LOL. Still today I cant seem to To locate a Manhattan Special retailer near you please fill out the following form and we will get back to you shortly. cold bottles when I arrived for I feel in love closer. Where have you guys been store and was given the bad news so I bought all Love the product and love They Thanks I think my mother and did so every night I worked on the island. 51 now and every time I'm in Brooklyn , red hook area or Thank You products. and family. He'll be amazed for sure! accidentally self inflected.If not for that he Brooklyn, "United Cigar Store". everything and a tub filled with ice stuffed with For a real Manhattan Special espresso soda. me right back to childhood. Garavuso when he married his second wife Anna, Don't mess with something pretty perfect) here in my hometown of Lyndhurst NJ or in predominately like cherries. go away, if I am driving, I take it along and Now I'm on a years i've managed to try nearly 500 different sodas from all That's where Manhattan Special comes in. 99 ($0.57/Fl Oz) FREE Shipping. bensonhurst by dyker park every time. She introduced