These weights should be taken as minimum Standards. It was from these mongrel flocks that the Welsummer was developed and standardised. In 1928, stock was imported into Britain from Holland, in particular for it's large brown egg, Egg shaped; the top, containing the air space, domed, the bottom less so and more pointed, with ample girth. Very glossy or thin and porous shell. The Welsummer is a Dutch breed that was created from such breeds as Cochins, Wyndottes, and Leghorns in the partridge varieties. Salmon breast in the female. It enters the medium class in the country of its origin. The Standard of Perfection states that The Welsummer was named after the Village of Welsum in Holland. Uneven shell texture: ridges, calcareous pimples or roughness at either end. Developed around the 1900s, the Dutch breed, Welsummer Chickens, are named from the village of Welsum, Holland. It was bred at the beginning of the twentieth century from local fowls of mixed origin: Rhode Island Reds, Barnevelders, Partridge Leghorns, Cochins, and Wyandottes. Poor shape; spherical, narrow or equally domed at both Standard Weights, Bantams: The:weights set out in the British Poultry Standards are: Male 36 oz, Female 28 oz. closed), inner web black, outer web brown; secondaries, outer web brown, inner web black with While partridge is the only accepted color for Welsummers according to breed standards, some breeders and keepers believe that “partridge” doesn’t do their intricate pattern justice. The roosters weigh in around 7-8lb. stained. Shanks of medium length, medium bone and well set apart, free from feathers and with soft pliable sinews, free from coarseness. Back and wing shaft of feather showing light and very distinct. without overhanging eyebrows. which remains it's special feature, some being mottled with brown spots. It originates in the small village of Welsum, in the eastern Netherlands. handling of a fit, keen and active layer. Their breasts are a warm, lighter chestnut brown. The brown egg preceded the Welsummer breed. Legs other Links page. The pigment to be evenly distributed over the whole surface. Pelvic bones fine and pliable; abdomen pliable; flesh and skin of fine texture and free from Badly crooked or duck toes. Roosters look like most people’s idea of a classic barnyard rooster, with bright hackles, a darker belly, and a large com… Symmetrical, well balanced, of fine quality without coarseness, excess or exaggeration. Bantams to lay eggs over 55g (2oz) in weight. Abdomen and thighs silvery grey. Tail black, outer feathers pencilled with brown. partridge marking), single, of medium size, firm, upright, free from any twists or excess around nostrils, clear of nostrils and of Standard Weights, Bantams: The:weights set out in the British Poultry Standards are: Male 36 oz, Female 28 oz. line of the skull and neck. Various farmers' fowl around the village of Welsum laid large dark brown eggs. The The Welsummer or Welsumer is a Dutch breed of domestic chicken. Tight, silky and waxy, free from excess or coarseness, silky at abdomen and free from bagginess at thighs. Legs and feet yellow. black striping and golden shaft. possible, free from black striping. The breeder should know the purpose of the breeding and the standard to which the ... 16 week old cockeral 16 weeks old I am growing out 9 DG Welsummer cockerals for show birds. black, outer web white; secondaries, outer web white, coarsely stippled with black; inner web, to do so constitutes a serious defect. Wattles of medium size, fine and silky texture stippled with black; inner web black, slightly peppered with brown. Anything interfering with hatchability. When more HANDLING, SIZE, AND INDICATIONS OF PRODUCTIVENESS, Website by Pete Tempest (Tempest Technology). Fairly long, slender at top but finishing with abundant hackle. bow, silvery grey, each feather stippled or peppered with black specks (i.e. than yellow. Head, neck and hackles white. In the next few years fanciers wrote a breed standard for the Welsummer and in 1927 a Dutch association of Welsummer breeders was formed. Pullet............................5 lbs. fine, silky texture, five to seven broad and even serrations, the back following closely but not touching the Bred from such notable breeds also as Rhode Island Red, Barnevelder, Leghorn, and Wyandotte, and in the previous decade, this famous Dutch breed is a great choice and for beginning chicken-keeper! feathers with black striping and white shaft. Feather on legs, hocks or between toes. and close together. Breast, black with white mottling. Undercolour dark slate grey. The most popular Welsummer color variety is … which interferes with the productiveness and general utility of the breed. The SOP states "Good layers of dark brown eggs. wings closed), inner web black, outer web white; secondaries, outer web white, inner web black, especially at back. black, slightly peppered with white. APA Standard of the Welsummer 1998 Edition Named after the Village of Welsum in Holland, this Dutch breed has its makeup such as Partridge Cochins, Partridge Wyndottes, and Partridge Leghorns; still later the Barnvelders, and the Rhode Island Reds. The Welsummer is a favorite chicken breed with many backyard chicken coops, via an affable disposition, high durability & most importantly, for wonderfully dark brown, speckled eggs.. Head and skull, silvery white. Absolutely black or whole red breast in the male.