This curriculum will help you improve your grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and vocabulary, as well as your paragraph and essay writing skills. Course Info/Guides; Term 1 (2020) Term 2 (2020) Term 3 (2020) Term 4 (2021) Term 5 (2021) Term 6 (2021) Psychosexual Cert. Our Training institute caters to the requirement of current industry standards. In this course you will explore tools to identify your personality traits, set short-term and long-term goals, and draw up an ideal career list that is aligned with your values, interests, personality, and skills. You will learn the basics of using slides and adding text, manipulating text boxes, managing and editing slides and exploring different views. Use the features in this training session to separate data, join data, and convert data using 4 Excel features. In this course, you will learn social and people skills that you can practice for effective communication, such as active listening, positive attitude, teamwork, and social sensitivity. Register for this curriculum if you want to upgrade your writing skills to get ready to write the GED Language Arts - Writing Test. DOWNLOAD COURSE CALENDAR Personal Development Subscription Courses, Increase your personal productivity and effectiveness by taking these courses. Whether you're preparing to write the Canadian Citizenship Test, studying Canadian Social Studies for your GED test or preparing for a PLAR assessment, this fun and interactive quiz show will test your knowledge of all things Canada! The GED Social Studies Test examines your ability to understand and interpret informational text, diagrams, charts and maps. You will select from the following to create a package that fits your needs: Click on the name to see the course outline. Learners will find out how budgeting can help them achieve long-term security and still have money available for fun! You can manage your personal email, calendar of events, documents, spreadsheets and more from any device with an internet connection. You will learn about three different resume styles and receive a few resume writing tips to ensure you get that job! You should have a general understanding of basic computer functions to participate in this class. Asymptomatic COVID-19 testing is being made available to all patient-facing healthcare staff. Morph Transition - add seamless transitions to your PowerPoint presentation, Excel Pivot Tables - Convert Data for Pivot Tables without retyping, Save time by reversing a pivot table using the Pivot Table Wizard. Check your overall Excel knowledge to identify which skills to hone to become more proficient. Register for this curriculum if you want to work independently to improve your understanding of one or more of the following math topics: We all learn in different ways and understanding our own strengths helps us succeed. Maintaining Healthy Self Esteem - Healthy self-esteem is something we all work on over our lifetime. You will learn ways to demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness. We will review the alphabet and talk about consonants, double consonants, syllables, short vowel sounds, and short vowel spelling patterns. Click on the name to see a course outline. I’m not sure what I want to do with my life, but I want it to be great! But you might not be as familiar with the latest online tools to enhance your job search! In this course, you will think about the qualities of a good role model. A cover letter gives you a chance to introduce yourself to an employer and encourage them to read on! Register for this curriculum if you want to upgrade your math skills in preparation for writing the GED Math Test. Adding interest to your presentation with text and slide animation, clip art, movie clips, hyperlinks and slide animation schemes to run your slideshow will be demonstrated. This class will start with basic mouse skills, common keys and icons. You will by the end of the course! Learn about some common consonant blends: wh, th, sh, ph, ch, and sometimes gh (silent). You learn about the importance of communication and technology skills in the workplace, and the etiquette and safety rules for using social media and technology responsibly. This class will start by exploring the Powerpoint interface. It also covers consonant blends at the end of words: sk, ck, ll, nk, lk. This course helps students understand their own personal learning styles. In this course, we give you strategies and tips to set you up for success! A brief introduction to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher will be covered. We'll end by reviewing some difficult words to spell. Read, evaluate and extract information from longer texts about college reading requirements, note taking and test preparation. This course includes real workplace examples that can be applied to the trades. NOTE: Students should be able to add and subtract before taking this class. In this course you will be introduced to the basic features and functions of Excel, including entering and formatting data in cells, using math formulas and creating simple tables and charts. We will explore how to move and copy text, use print features, delete and copy formats, sort lists, create columns, add and customize page borders, create and format tables, use templates, manage and create shortcuts to your files. Learn what to expect at the polling station, where to find information about your candidate when you're making your decision and why it's so important to exercise your democratic right to vote. An introduction to formulas: cell referencing, absolute, relative, mixed cell addresses and "What if" analysis (with nested formulas) will be explained. By the end of the course you will know more about why employers use hiring tests, you will have tips to relieve your own test writing anxiety and you will know what kinds of questions you might find on a hiring test. BSAC Infection Learning Hub Open access global learning All courses accredited. Students will investigate visual, auditory, and kinesthetic ways of learning and they will develop ways to use their preferred learning style more effectively. This online facility is an ideal tool to help train new staff as part of their induction process. This class focuses on the importance of budgeting. Ace the essay with this class! Read the story.