After watching the review of the BIC F12 review from Zeos I decided to pick one up. share. The subwoofer, Yamaha SW-315 The only place where you feel and hear the sub is in the pantry which is 40 feet to the right of the listener. Sub crawl is not the way to find the nulls in the room, as said before multiple subs is the way to get rid of those bulls in the room. Close. So I previously did the sub crawl when I had a super cube 4000. I can't remember where I read it, but they were saying that the sub crawl only works with smaller subs. Video: Easy Guide To Subwoofer Placement. Nothing scientific or concrete needed for this tweak; either I can pick out a spot or two for my subwoofers that offer a smoother/cleaner pre-Audyssey sound, or I just keep the current spots I have (which I know already give me reference sound). Posted by u/[deleted] 4 years ago. 10. The Subwoofer Crawl. I'm thinking an SVS PB-1000. Need some bass heavy tracks for sub crawl. So I am just wondering if the subwoofer crawl works with big subs? Do you think a new sub would be a better upgrade or doing the sub crawl again but around the entire room? Trust the measurement charts. You’ll need your subwoofer and maybe and a longer signal and power cable than you usually use. 7 comments. What are some bass heavy songs I can play while I am crawling around? Let’s start with an explanation of how to do the crawl. So I thought I would come here for some advice. First, connect your subwoofer. There is no such thing as the perfect room. It is being delivered today and I am going to be doing a sub crawl tonight. I ... You'd think having subwoofers placed far away from the fronts would be bad, and some times it is... but more often it isn't. Need some bass heavy tracks for sub crawl . It doesn’t need to be fancy. Archived. * Place one subwoofer in the primary listening position, playing pink noise * crawl for "best" bass (either by ear or ideally real-time spectral display of calibrated mic) * place and play subwoofer pink noise at "best" bass position, along with subwoofer at listening position.