Card Kingdom 91.68 - 79.46 . Edit. Sort by: Creature (21) 1 Daru Mender 1 Deftblade Elite 3 Frontline Strategist 2 Aven Farseer 2 Silver Knight 1 Whipcorder 1 White Knight 2 Zealous Inquisitor 1 Ageless Sentinels 2 Aven Liberator 1 Noble Templar 1 Coast Watcher 1 Willbender 1 Echo Tracer 1 Shoreline Ranger. (100 cards, 88 distinct) - Conqueror's Flail, Stonehoof Chieftain, Iroas, God of Victory, Fellwar Stone, Karplusan Forest, Managorger Hydra, Blind Obedience View All Versions. Similar Deck Space Auto-suggestions. Watch Queue Queue It is four colored .1 The primary theme of the deck is "Aggression" (aggro). My version of Saskia is more of what I would expect her deck to look like. Commander 2016. Saskia the Unyielding. 1 Decklist 2 New cards 3 Double-faced tokens 4 … Playtest v1. Click a card below for more info on that precon. CardHoarder 61.89 TIX. The saskia precon was designed around low power creatures and Alesha-Green. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Because of this fact Alesha defines the deck more precisely than Saskia does. Open Hostility is a 100 card Commander preconstructed deck, featured in Commander 2016. Kalamax Precon Commander / EDH RUG (Temur) TheWaxMann. 3: 390 These pages show the most popular initial changes to various preconstructed decks. Commander 2016. Oct 13, 2020 Go To Latest Post. Get started right away as a guest or register a free account to access the full range of tools. Click the add button on any card to start building your decklist I would change the whole list, not just a few cards. TCGPlayer 170.60 - 69.24 . View All Versions Rarity, #: M, 41 Card Type: Legendary Creature — Human Soldier P / T: 3 / 4 Description: Vigilance, haste As Saskia the Unyielding enters the battlefield, choose a player. Looking for advice for a stupid commander idea (updated with WIP deck list 10/28/20) >> by looshkin Sep 26, 2020. by FunkyDragon. Edit Live Edit. Saskia the Unyielding. This video is unavailable. 19: 634 Zirilan, Dragon Commander >> by ZillaSmasher Oct 6, 2020. by Narvuntien. Upvote 0. EDH Recommendations and strategy content for Magic: the Gathering Commander Oct 13, 2020 Go To Latest Post. The primary new commander is Saskia the Unyielding, the secondary new commander is Tana, the Bloodsower partnered with either Ravos, Soultender or Tymna the Weaver. With you can build and analyze Magic: The Gathering decks, track your MTG collection and much more. Decklist Stats Sample Hand.