FICO Resilience Index. Understanding credit scores, finding score versions and updating scores. FICO® Resilience Index is also conducive to portfolio stress Which consumers are most resilient according to the FICO® Resilience Index? During times of economic uncertainty, people usually have trouble repaying their loans. FICO® Resilience Index Version 1.0 is most effective for account management and may be used selectively for account origination, particularly personal installment loans and mortgage lending. Lenders are still concerned with whether or not someone is a “good risk.” Even with a strong resilience number, you may find yourself getting turned down for loans or credit cards if you have a poor credit score. FICO ® Resilience Index can be used by lenders as another input in credit decisions and account strategies across the credit lifecycle. The FICO Resilience Index doesn’t reduce the importance of your credit score. In 2008, it was the great recession. Why don’t I have a FICO® Resilience Index? It’s scaled from 1 to 99, with higher values representing higher sensitivity to financial stress. The resilience index runs on a scale from 1 to 99, with a lower score being better. The new FICO Resilience Score is based on a scale of 1-99. getty. What is the FICO® Resilience Index? That's the reverse of FICO credit score ranges, where the higher a consumer's score is, the better. A score of 1-44 implies a “More Resilient” domestic, when a rating above 70 indicates a … How does the FICO® Resilience Index work? There’s a new risk measurement entering the world of credit lending and this one isn’t based on your past payment history. FICO Score — with adjustment factors tuned to the lender’s view of macroeconomic forecasts. It can be delivered with a credit file, just like a FICO Score. According to FICO, the FICO Resilience Index is a 1-99 scale, the place a decrease score is greater. How does the FICO® Resilience Index differ from a FICO® Score? It doesn’t matter what the reason for the economic stress is – what matters is that most everyone is going to feel it to a certain extent.