Needless to say, there are a lot of variables that you can’t control when using tap or bottled water when mixing up your baby formula. WAYISAVE.COM also participates in affiliate programs with Walmart, Target, ShareASale and other sites. As for comparing Nursery water and distilled water- both are baby safe, but you should probably go with Nursery water, because distillation is just plain inconvenient. Distillation is used mainly in laboratories and factories, where it is needed. important to you- remember that nursery water is distilled. Fact: Pure distilled water is actually at a neutral pH of 7.0, and has no solids dissolved in it to act as a buffer. Although all distilled water is, in essence, purified water, not all purified water is distilled. This probably is one of the few products that are cheaper in retail than online, so I won’t link you to Amazon for this one. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Nursery water is a marketing product just for the sake of making money, not much else. The only way to make sure that it’s clean, sterile and Fluoride-free is to test it every time you intend to use it. Nursery® Water uses DISTILLED WATER as its base. Distilled water typically goes through a steam distillation process. DISTILLED formula for babies This is a type of purified water and is filtered of contaminants and natural minerals. This is because excess fluoride can cause: Going through their website, I found that they offer two variants of water- one with added fluoride and one without. We generally recommend distilled water because CPAP manufacturers make the recommendation for distilled water in their documentation. IRIS WMF 617 Review: Is It The Best Hard Water Washing Machine Filter? However, water distillation isn’t really practical at home because it takes a long time! However, fluoridation of public water is still practised in the US- so to be safe, you should talk to your baby’s doctor about the recommended fluoride intake for your child. However, these are short term options. Save some time, drive to a grocery store and buy that instead. For babies that are strictly breastfed, there is no need for water supplementation. The distillation process can take a relatively long time, especially when large amounts of water need to be boiled, cooled, and collected. , it takes 5 hours to purify 1 gallon(~4 L) of water. And, it’s also a good source of drinking water for children six months or older. And, I know there are plenty of parents out there who feel just as overwhelmed. Now our 5 wk old son we have been using Nursery Water since birth. When using Nursery water follow good hygiene practices to preserve its quality. You may be pondering over the different types of water purifier, types of bottled water… and what about those poor reviews you’ve been reading about Nursery water over the internet? So, don’t feel like you have to only purchase nursery water for your formula. Install a water purifier? You really have no way to know if it’s clean and sterile (free from bacteria) unless you are willing to test and boil it each and every time you intend to use it. It can also dilute concentrated juice with it. Baby/nursery water is a great option to use when mixing your baby formula or cereal. But, the American Dental Association recommends that the baby water should be free of Fluoride.2  Or, if there is Fluoride, they advise that it not exceed 0.7 parts per million (PPM).3  Too much fluoride can put your newborn at risk for enamel fluorosis. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. * Nursery water is not sterile. That is, baby/nursery water is typically water that has been steam distilled to remove impurities. Also, keep in mind that your newborn’s immune system won’t mature until they are two to three months old.5  Until then, you should be extra aware of anything that can introduce contaminants or allergens into their formula mix. You can use any type of clean water (tap or bottled water) when preparing baby formula. In basic, Ultrapure water would be the water which has been generated or produced through panel of technologies and gives you highest acceptable quality of water viz. It can get rather overwhelming sometimes. PS: You may like to read more about chlorine and chloramines in your water and how to remove them as well as more about fluoride in your water and what to do about it.