Self-pollinating. The Mission Olive Tree originated in California circa 1769, where they were first planted by Franciscan priests as they established Missions, hence the name. Some of the olive trees overseas are known to be over 1,000 years old. High quality fruit. Botanical Name: Olea europa 'Mission' Common Name: Fruiting Olive; Exposure: Full Sun; Dimensions(HxW): 25-30' x 25-30' Evergreen shrubby tree. This is a live plant. The Mission Olive trees can grow tall to 40 feet, and the trees are cold hardy to 5 degrees F. Even if damaged then they will resprout, Olive trees can actually be … Olive, European Olea europaea 'Mission' Native to the Mediterranean, Olive trees have quickly found their place in the Texas landscape. Our Mission olives are grown just […] Olea europaea - 'Mission' - Live Olive tree. Tree Characteristics. Low water needs once established. This ancient tree has been cultivated for thousands of years, prized for it fruit and foliage. Mission Olive Tree produces a fruit that ripens in late October, has a high oil content, and is medium is size. Olea europa 'Mission' Fruiting Olive. Family: Oleaceae. Erect or … General Notes. Has fragrant Flower. This widely used table olive is used in many of today's California produces olive oils. Olive trees and olive oil increased in popularity across California and has made the Mission Olive one of California’s most popular evergreen varieties. This variety has a more upright habit with medium fruit well suited to pickling and oils. Description. They are utilized for their hardiness with the weather, tolerance to poor soils, and manageable size. Mexican origin. Often used as specimen tree by landscapers. See all Olea. Hardiest of the olives. The original trees suffered after the secularization of the missions, though pioneers cultivated new trees from their cuttings, leading to the distinct Mission cultivar. Olea europaea ‘Mission’ (Olive) trees originated in California in the mid-1700’s by French priests as Missions in Southern California were created. Olive trees were first brought to California by the Franciscan mission of San Diego de Alcalá; olive production likely began in earnest within the first two decades of the mission. This auction is for one (1) Olea Europaea - 'Mission' - Olive tree. It's popularity grew due to its growth in California over the years when interest in olives and olive oil increased. MISSION OLIVE Olea europaea 'Mission' Photo Locations: Santa Barbara City College.