How to Make Sun Dried Tomatoes (in the Sun, Oven or Dehydrator) We grow our own tomatoes every year and enjoy eating them fresh in salads, diced up for homemade canned tomatoes, transformed into our famous marinara sauce, spiced up in our restaurant-style salsa, made smooth and creamy in our perfect creamy tomato soup, and any other way we can think to use them. Use them in pasta, chicken, shrimp, bread, pizza, dip and so many other recipes! Small jars of sun-dried tomatoes are notoriously expensive‚Äďand often loaded with salt. If the traditional method sounds too time-consuming you can achieve the same results using an oven or microwave method or a dehydrator in a fraction of the time. The best thing about the oven-dried ones is they can be prepared pretty fast. How to Make Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Oven. And the best part about making them at home is how amazing they taste! They may seem fancy or intimidating, but sun-dried tomatoes are actually super easy to make. Includes directions on how to make and freeze sun-dried tomatoes. Benefits of making sun-dried tomatoes at home: Why Make Sun-Dried Tomatoes at Home.