Moreover, duty free and travel retail generates necessary revenues for the travel, tourism, aviation and maritime industries. A TOURIST has seen footage of beautiful Western Australia on TV and also heard about it from his friends. Tourism has two types and many forms on the bases of the purpose of visit and alternative forms of tourism. I manage analysts worldwide to produce data and analysis on the retailing industry. Retailers can also buy products from a middleman, known as a wholesaler or distributor. Key factors contributing to the growth of the sector include the influence of Chinese travelers, the rise of budget airlines and enhanced shopping experiences and customer engagement. This is probably the biggest association for the hospitality and tourism industry that manages close to $350 Bn of global business travel expenditures across six continents. Authors draw on their individual insights to assess and critique contemporary tourism and take a view of the future. First, consumers are traveling more than ever before: the subsequent travel retail phenomena means that foreign consumers are buying European luxury products in Europe, and at lower prices, avoiding the higher price-points in their home countries. UNWTO Tourism Data Dashboard. TRADITIONAL TOURISM DISTRIBUTION CHAIN. Types of Tourism . Invaluable to academics and professionals alike, Global Tourism offers a comprehensive exploration of the key issues in tourism. Travel and tourism, recently have emerged as a dominant economic force on the global scene accounting for more than 12% of total world trade and growing at the rate of 8 percent annuals. The wholesaling company consolidates the products from around the world. The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) The GBTA is the world’s premier business travel association. Tourism can be categorized as international and domestic tourism. He tourist visits his local RETAIL TRAVEL AGENT to enquire about Western Australia, and ends up booking an eight-week adventure including accommodation. He decides to find out more. In recent years, two closely related yet competing global trends are on the rise and weighing on luxury brands. It repackages them for easier marketing and distribution. As part of our quarterly Global Tourism series—which discusses domestic and international tourism themes and trends—we explore the booming airport retail market. Retailers are the last stop on the supply chain before the products end up in your shopping cart. The UNWTO Tourism Data Dashboard – provides statistics and insights on key indicators for inbound and outbound tourism at the global, regional and national levels. Data covers tourist arrivals, tourism share of exports and contribution to GDP, source markets, seasonality and accommodation (data on number of rooms, guest and nights) Two special modules … I lead the global retailing research for market research provider Euromonitor International.