Checking your body’s temperature with a thermometer is an easy way to see if a fever is present. However, these non-contact devices are faster and safer than other temperature assessment devices, such as oral thermometers, that require physical contact and increase the risk of spreading infection. The accuracy may vary depending on the proper device calibration and environmental temperature. Though fevers can be uncomfortable, they are a sign that the body is fighting off infection. In this post, we will explain some of the essential guidelines to remember to improve the infrared thermometers’ efficiency and accuracy. The device automatically powers down after 10 seconds once the trigger is released. Steam, dust, and smoke can prevent the accuracy of the reading. Place the tip of the thermometer (covered with probe cover) in the ear-canal opening. Before testing the temperature of the wrist or the armpit, make sure these parts of the targeted person aren't covered by clothes on the surface. Different models may have different instructions for use. 1. Whether to scan the wrist or the forehead or the armpit, you need to make sure the surfaces are kept dry and clean. If you think you or your child may have a fever, you reach for a thermometer to check. BMJ. Not all fevers need treatment. It varies by site of measurement and it tends to decrease with age. Place the thermometer's tip in the rectum. When measuring body temperature, make sure to move the hair or sweat if obstructing measurement. 2016;6(3):e009509. Rectal thermometers are specifically designed with short tips that allow them to get a proper reading without going too far into the body. Continuous Digital Temperature Event Monitoring For … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Worried about the new coronavirus? Obermeyer Z, Samra JK, Mullainathan S. Individual differences in normal body temperature: longitudinal big data analysis of patient records. Interestingly, what's average appears to have dropped over time. Non-contact approach may reduce the risk of spreading disease between people being evaluated Remote, or no contact, thermometers can measure body temperature without touching the skin. Use caution when the laser beam is turned on. How to take a child's temperature. Protect the IR gun from water, sunlight, shock, and other extreme environments. Fever in children. Wash your thermometer before and after use with cold water, then rubbing alcohol. Temperature results immediately appear on display. Touch, or contact, thermometers must touch the body in order to measure temperature. If you are using a Braun ThermoScan ® thermometer, here is how to correctly measure your child’s temperature with it: 1. Therefore, scanning the wrist temperature is really the ideal approach to measure the body temperature. Infrared thermometer guns are useful only for an initial check of elevated body temperature at entry points. Comes with a storage case. A fever, which is a rise in the body’s temperature, is usually caused by an infection. Do not let the beam enter the eyes or let the beam strike the eye from a reflective surface. While this is the least accurate way to get a child's temperature, it's often used in schools and daycare to avoid spreading germs. Make sure excess earwax isn't built up before using this method, as it can cause less accurate results. AAP News. BMJ Open. A baby 3 months old or younger has a temperature of 100.4 degrees F, A child of any age has repeated fevers over 104 degrees F, A child under 2 has a fever of 100.4 that lasts for more than 24 hours, A child 2 or older has a fever of 100.4 lasting more than 72 hours, Your baby cries or fusses and can't be soothed, Over 103 degrees F that doesn't drop within two hours of taking a fever reducer, That's in the high range and accompanied by a rash, That's accompanied by a stiff neck and confusion or irritability, sensitivity to light (photophobia), dehydration, or seizure. There are plenty of infrared thermometers available in the market right now. Typically, all models have IR sensors, measurement trigger, and an LCD that indicates max or min reading, temperature readout, SCAN measuring indicator, laser pointer, alarm, battery icon, and emissivity readout. There are many different types of thermometers you can use to measure temperature. Call 911 or have someone take you to the emergency room right away. The suggested measuring distance to the forehead is 5cm (2in). Looking to avoid getting the flu? You have entered an incorrect email address! As the distance increases, the spot size of the area measured also increases. Infrared thermometers have become a necessity as an effective means of detecting fever, a common symptom of COVID-19, during the times of the current pandemic, which is spreading across the globe rapidly. In general, there are two types of thermometers. Temperature measurements with a temporal scanner: systematic review and meta-analysis. Determining fever in children: the search for an ideal thermometer. Learn about COVID-19, including symptoms and how it's diagnosed. Read thermometer when the boxes stop changing color (generally 15 seconds), and while it is still on the forehead.