BitLocker was activated by someone on this PC and during the activation time it prompts the user to save/store the key in a safe place. BitLocker is prompting for a Recovery Key and you cannot locate the key * Restart the system * At the Dell Logo keep tapping F2 * You will enter the BIOS screen * Go to Secure Boot header, expand and select Expert Key Management * Click the Restore Settings button * Select Factory Settings * Press OK * Exit the BIOS and restart BitLocker is a Microsoft encryption product designed to protect the user data on a system. In the event of a problem with BitLocker, you may encounter a prompt for a BitLocker recovery key. How to Backup BitLocker Recovery Key for Drive in Windows 10 A BitLocker recovery key is a special key that you can create when you turn on Bitlocker Drive Encryption for the first time on each drive that you encrypt. Also, be careful when you choose to print the recovery key on a paper as anyone can have access to that piece of paper. BitLocker overview. If you ever need to print it, make sure you shred it after use. To give you a quick answer, Bitlocker Recovery key is a unique 48-digit numerical password that unlocks your computer system. This tutorial explains 3 simple ways to backup the BitLocker recovery key on Windows 10. Windows saves BitLocker recovery key in a simple text file when you choose to save the recovery key as a file. BitLocker, as a drive encryption service, occasionally experiences lockouts. Method 1: Backup BitLocker Recovery Key Using Control Panel. These result from changing BIOS/UEFI settings, replacing hardware components, malfunctioning hardware, forgetting your BitLocker password, or entering your password incorrectly too many times. If this is company owned asset/device , you should turn to your company's IT support guys and they should be able to provide you with the recovery key To start, type BitLocker in the Cortana search box on the taskbar, and then click Manage BitLocker from the result to open the BitLocker Drive Encryption control panel. I logged-in to my Microsoft account on another device, so I ran an HP update on my new (HP) Laptop today, (that we've had for 6 months), and now a screen appeared asking for my BitLocker Recovery Key. If you do not have a working recovery key for the BitLocker prompt, you will be unable to access the system. It is basically the Bitlocker recovery identifier key that is stored in your Microsoft account and allows access to your encrypted drive. Luckily, there is a way to recover BitLocker, if you have the recovery key.