Attention must also be paid to white shanks and vent corners, they should be thoroughly colored. The Archangel is an extreme color pigeon and therefore the first impression of an Archangel should be a bird that has a deep rich color, proper demarcation and/or pattern, and a highly polished sheen in those varieties that require said sheen. For the most part, Inferior rated birds have no value as breeding stock! Color Pigeons – mostly bred in Germany, they are sometimes known as German Toys. Other base colors or color modifiers may affect the bronze color differently. Too much black in shanks. The Archangel first and foremost is a color pigeon. Colored flecking in wing shields. Advertise The more pure the better, but neither a light or dark blue is preferred. As follows: “E” Excellent – Pigeon In monk marked and priest marked only, bull eyes are acceptable and are not faults. The tail is long and narrow, tightly closed and is slightly longer than the flights. Wings, back, rump and tail are to be the base color. Carriage: A small amount of green on the neck may still be accepted, for now, but attention must be paid to pure head copper including crest and fiery neck ring. Excessive width. It is a very old breed, and it’s origin place most likely is Dalmatia or Illyria. In general, good confirmation of all parts and an impression of overall balance should weigh heavily in consideration of good type. Bronze is still being studied to analyze its … The fiery, shiny edge must extend deep into the feather, so that the fire (red luster) is a continuous one, without dark lines in between. The following are admissible: barless blue wings, blue wings with black bars, with black bars and white flights, with white flights and monk pattern, with white tail and blue checkered, which also occur with white flights. Fantail Pigeon. See more ideas about Pigeon breeds, Pigeon pictures, Pigeon. Poultry The most popular color? Since it belongs to the group of fancy pigeons, it is popularly kept as a pet or used for exhibition in zoos or bird shows. While the Archangel is primarily a color pigeon it should be emphasized that a good type is very important. However, the color of the bronze shade should be even throughout with head, neck, breast, belly shanks, and under-tail wedge thoroughly colored and without green or smut. A bird with fine copper color and a slight color excess in the wing design is better than one with pure wing but duller copper. Selfs and Other Color Pattern Faults: Currently it is found in Germany, United Kingdom, United States and some other countries throughout the world. 97 points This grade is awarded when a bird meets the highest requirements of the standard of perfection and represents the overall impression of near perfection that is obtainable by breeding the Archangel. up for sale from “color pigeon lofts” is a high quality pair of gold black wing archangels.they are ready for breeding. $75 per pair. Quinn once catalogued 8 different types of Bronze in Pigeons. Duck Should have a highly iridescent sheen, the more fire the better. Deer On the wings, as well, the widest possible luster edge is desirable, with limited purple (restricted to the wing butt). Base color in bronze pattern portion particularly the under-tail wedge or bronze in the base color portions. Faults: greenish, violet, purple or sooty color or green iridescence in bronze areas. The Archangel pigeon is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon which is notable for the metallic sheen of it’s feathers. Faults: Incorrect number of tail feathers. Impure bronze color in copper blue wing. Faults: Demarcation poorly defined. Reasonably long, upper beak slightly bent downward at the tip. Wing shield, back, rump and tail should have as much iridescent beetle green sheen as possible, the more sheen the better. 1:33. Archangel pigeon is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon. Gaps or hatchet marks in crest. When wings or tails are spread a very light spotting or flecking may be visible and is not a fault. There are 51 archangel colors for sale on Etsy, and they cost $44.02 on average. Their average lifespan is about 7 to 10 years. We are concerned with an extreme color pigeon. Tail should be held in line with the back which is approximately 40 degrees from horizontal. The unique feature of an archangel pigeon is its attractive feathers which exhibit a metallic sheen. Birds with poor or dull color and birds with poor pattern definition should be heavily faulted. Bronze is still being studied to analyze its … Cere slightly developed and of a light flesh color. This small, slender, elegant bird is a feast for the eyes in any cote even though it is a bit skittish. White flights to be consecutively in from wing tip. Archangel Gimpel pigeon Simple Genetic and Basic Mutations Poster GouldianFinch. Because of the bar coloring it is significantly more difficult to achieve than a pure barless wing, please exercise leniency in this regard. Photo and info from Wikipedia. “S” Superior – The Official Site of the American Archangel Club. Breeds include the Ice Pigeon, Archangel, and Saxon Field Pigeon. White Wing: Body of the Archangel pigeon is bronze or gold with wings that are either black, white, or blue. Some of the copper blues which are shown are too dark in their coloring. Faults: Station too horizontal. for more info call… Concerning the copper black wing; first and foremost is a pure fiery copper from head to under-tail wedge, without any green on the neck or on the sides. As an example, a class of ten birds might be graded and placed as follows: HS1, HS2, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, G1, G2, G3. 93 - 95 points This grade is awarded when all the characteristics of the breed are distinctly present and an overbalance is expressed. In Britain, the name Archangel is used to describe only the dark copper variety shown above. The tail must not be carried too low as to touch the ground. Simply put, if an Archangel does not have good type it is not a good Archangel. In the Coloration Base Color section, a rich and even shading of color is very important and in black wing the proper iridescent beetle green sheen is of utmost importance. Blue in the flights is a serious fault. The visible portion of the flights and tail when closed should also be free from any slate, check or bronzing. All Archangels shall be graded using the individual merit system. Color: Many, including white African owl, brown, black and more; Use: Pets; 21. Green or soot in neck coloring. and 20% on structure/conformation. Wing shield, back, rump and tail should be as deep and dense a black as possible, free from any trace of slating, check or bronzing. These birds can learn to fly to hand and can be tamed easily. Barred birds should have even and clearly defined bars without a trace of a third bar. Black Wing Faults: In reality, almost all birds which now show fine copper also have more or less cloudy coloring. Archangel Bronze Pattern: Tail should not touch the floor. Gray flat blue color in gold blue wings. It should be evenly and deeply colored with no dullness or fading on the belly. The tail in black wings should be black when closed and even when spread out is the desired color without too much slate. Instead, concentrate more on the color, which presents many difficulties, points of criticism and criteria, which are much more important. In the Coloration Archangel Bronze section, rich even copper, or gold, color throughout is very important. Concerning the copper blue wing a fiery copper bronze with an even color throughout is of primarily importance. The color the beak is light horn which becomes darker close to the tip. Birds in this class must have the Archangel Bronze pattern. Grayish head or beard. Any Other Color Faults: Referring to the above categories listed in the Standard, length of dissertation has nothing to do with their importance. The Archangel pigeon is a very beautiful bird with uncommon appearance. An Archangel has a head unique to the pigeon world. Too much of base color in shanks. Special attention must be paid to the neck, as there are many birds now with green luster and smut in that area. Miscolored. Flight tips are to be dark. Faults: uneven color or shading. Faults: poorly colored birds of any color will be heavily faulted. Concerning the gold black wing, the most important factor is a completely even and deep gold-yellow with bright shine from head to under-tail wedge, including the breast, sides, stomach, vent and under-tail wedge. White Flight with Priest Head: The head has a cap of white, with a well defined line of demarcation extending straight through the center of the eye and between the mandibles of the beak, and they will have white flights and a colored tail. Birds without bars should show no trace of bars. The expression of Archangel bronze pattern consists of having the base color overlaid on portions of the body by Archangel bronze. The color must be uniform over all of the above mentioned parts. Plain-headed Archangels are characterized by the absence of a crest.