Community mental health services are free to the public. Community mental health centers should be permitted by right in medical center districts. What Does a Community Mental Health Nurse Do? Mental health refers to people's cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being. We define mental health and explain the different disorders that may arise, as well as potential treatments. Community Mental Health Nurse Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities. Application of mental health knowledge in general health care and in social development. Definition. The WSIB and the Ontario Psychological Association collaborated in developing this program. On October 31, 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed into law the Community Mental Health Act (also known as the Mental Retardation and Community Mental Health Centers Construction Act of 1963), which drastically altered the delivery of mental health services and inspired a new era of optimism in mental healthcare. Community Mental Health. Community mental health is a decentralized pattern of mental health or other services for people with mental illnesses. Objectives Basic mental health care to all the needy especially the poor from rural, rural,slim and tribal areas. Washtenaw County Community Mental Health (WCCMH or CMH) has been at the forefront of the Community Mental Health movement since its inception in the 1960s. They are generally available for people with severe forms of mental illness.. The Community Mental Health Program is designed to give people access to psychological assessment and evidence-based, outcome-focused treatment and lets psychologists spend more time on treating people and less on administration. Community Mental Health Act. The trend today is toward the medical center complex: one or more hospitals surrounded by the offices of doctors and dentists, by nursing homes and long-term care homes, clinics, perhaps medical and nursing schools and other health-related facilities. There are different types of community mental health services. Community-based care is designed to supplement and decrease the need for more costly inpatient mental health care delivered in hospitals. Promotion of community participation in mental health service development and increase of efforts towards self help in the community. Definition.