BATTERY LIFE I haven’t added MSI afterburner to confirm, but if correct it would explain for the performance, which was very nice. What's important to me, is that it just works and works well. Pros: Doing school work/basic browsing I've had the battery last for 7 1/2 hours. This laptop performs like a gaming desktop, but with the convenience that it is portable. The keyboard and mouse pad layouts are comfortable and responsive. Sometimes weight means real quality parts are used and i believe in this case that "rule" could be applied in here Cooling technology I am battling myself should I rate this with 5 or 4 stars review especially because of 1tb drive mentioned above. FEATURES Its screen is merely adequate, but the laptop as a whole is a great value. It makes use very pleasant and it's definitely top of the class thanks to NVidia GeForce GTX1650 graphic card. Full HD IPS display on this device it's beautiful regardless is it used for gaming, watching video or to read documents. Memory type supported is DDR4 2666 SO-DIMM. Yes, especially with DLSS 2.0. While there might be thinner gaming PCs out there (I'm thinking Razer) this one doesn't strike me as chunky. While this isn’t a substitute for my gaming desktop, it is a good on the go machine that I can use to cover that itch. While not bleeding edge premium, the case is still nice and sturdy feeling, while having plenty of venting for cooling. It has USB-C and 3 regular USB ports (two 3.0 and one 2.0) as well as an HDMI port to make it easy to hook up to your TV. For less than $900, this 17.3-inch version of Acer's Nitro 5 bargain gaming rig plays top games at top quality settings at close to 60fps. In today's day and age of less and less ports on a computer, the Acer Nitro has plenty of them, including an Ethernet port. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. With the CoolBost technology, the user has the option to increase or reduce the fan speed to avoid overheating when gaming. That meant I could get up and working with the laptop that much faster. Ads Not a big deal, but it's something I immediately noticed. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I didn’t think it was gonna be that great but I’m speechless. GTX 1650 is … While not as good as the days gone when they used to leave RAM “Windows” to make changing easy, Acer didn’t make it hard. Backlit (red) keyboard is nice touch and keys are very pleasant to use but since it's new they do feel little bit "hard" and I am expecting them to soften up with use. It can certainly handle almost all programs you could throw at it. The only complaint I have about the design is a small one, but it's the location of the power cable. In the grand scheme of Laptops, these are not big problems and easy to solve/work around for the cooling and otherwise great experience you get with the device out of the box I think it is worth it. I would like to upgrade the RAM to 16gb when I buy it. It matches the spec sheet for 1080p low. Neutral: As I'll get to in a moment, this baby needs to be plugged in if you plan on gaming. Again, I’m very happy with the laptop. I enjoy the back lit feature on the keyboard. All-in-all I've been extremely impressed with the Acer Nitro. Might even be able to play at Medium settings. Overall this is a nice design for Acer. You can play cyberpunk on high or even ultra can do. I am not even sure why do we see anything lower than 7200rpm drives in 2019, especially in gaming computers. User rating, 4.5 out of 5 stars with 556 reviews. My son and I have enjoyed many hours of game time with this laptop, and it performs well all the time. It was a few screws on the bottom and whole panel came off in one piece making it easy to see the insides and take a picture, as well as upgrade the RAM (I had some spare) to have two sticks and 16GB. I would not say, not to buy this laptop because of the battery life, it's just something to be aware of for this (or any gaming laptop) if this is your first foray into laptop PC gaming. DESIGN This is not something I’ve seen a lot of yet, so being able to have storage is a total win. In a gaming laptop, where every 5C of temperature increase can slow your Nvidia GPU down, this is a must to keep peek performance. Acer didn’t overload this machine with a bunch of junk. I've done some video editing (1080p video) on Adobe Premiere Elements with no issues. Works perfect! Someone took the time to make sure they could cool the laptop and didn’t make it all that bulky either. Acer - Nitro 5 15.6" Gaming Laptop - AMD Ryzen 5 - 8GB Memory - NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650 - 256GB SSD - Obsidian Black (373) $669.99. Is it 1 - 8gb stick, or 2 - 4gb sticks? Not sure if it's supposed to come on automatically or what, but I've had no issues playing at the standard 60 Hz. The ability to take a laptop anywhere (with a power outlet) and play high end PC games is a literal game changer. © 2020 Best Buy. I am pleasantly surprised with RJ54 port which lately many laptops are missing. And as I said before awesome cooling. On the one hand, high end PC gaming on the go is awesome, but know that you'll need to be tethered to power, even if you plan on simply web browsing, watching movies, typing a Word document on the go. Even though my PS4 is plugged into a big 4K TV, it's tough going back after playing on the Acer Nitro. If it is a 1 - 8gb stick, what specs to I need to buy a matching 8gb stick? This should be no surprise, but even using this on battery power for general computing tasks I could only get 2.5 hours out of it. The graphics performance is impressive. Best Buy. While I don’t have any gaming numbers, I did happen to run the Heaven benchmark on the laptop on battery, and on high settings averaged around 47 fps with my run. What impressed me the most was that the 1650 was reported clocked at a frequency of 2100 and kept it solid the whole time. What games is this able to run well? But nowadays, it's hard to get away from gaming PCs. While it only comes with one RAM Stick, its easily upgradeable. Other than these issues it has been a perfect starter computer and runs EVERYTHING I have put on it for her. Hey everyone! Only app I uninstalled was the Symantec Anti-virus, if Windows Defender is a good enough AV Solution for Corporate Microsoft, then its fine for my home PC, with the added benefit of being free. Anyways expect to run most modern games at low/med and even high for the next year or two at 1080p@60fps. I'll be playing on my 2017 Nitro 5 with the gtx 1050 ti .