But then I tried your NETWORK RESET! Restart your PC and check if you can see the network computers. * Note: Microsoft recommends to map network drives, instead of enabling the SMB v1 feature, because the SMB v1 isn't Safe. In some cases, Windows 10 can see and explore a neighboring device in a workgroup environment, but cannot display a list of shared network folders on it. Full Malware Scan & Removal Guide to Clean Heavy Infected Computers, Function Discovery Provider Host (fdPHost), Function Discovery Resource Publication (FDResPub), sc triggerinfo FDResPub start/strcustom/fbcfac3f-8460-419f-8e48-1f0b49cdb85e/PROFILE_CHANGED_TO_PRIVATE. This worked great for me, I just enabled SMB 1.0/CIFS. settings>network and internet>ethernet>change adapter settings>choose the right network you are connected to>rightclick>properties>ipv4 settings>static ip addressing. How to Enable Network Discovery on Windows 10? Full household PC Protection - Protect up to 3 PCs with NEW Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium! After that, you need to restart the computer. Think about this problem, I would like that I choose to domain mode (I know, my NAS samba config and more) solve the problem to show and connect share folders or not? In Windows 10 1703, the Computer Browser service works incorrectly. If I rebooted my computer, the other network computer does not appear, but the mappings was still working. I hope this helps one or two of my frustrated comrades. I restarted the laptop, and then I could see the Win 7 PC again. Donald They really need to fix this!!! You can also reset the network settings and firewall rules with the commands: netsh int ip reset reset.txt Try the following steps to resolve this missing network PCs problem. Thank you. I have to confess that I am still using a Windows Home Server, which acts as the hub of our file sharing. The smb10 thing worked for me on 1903 thanks for the tip. If you added a new Windows 10 computer to your corporate or home network, you may have already noticed that Windows 10 can't find all (or some) network computers, when you explore 'Network' (from 'File Explorer'), while Windows 7 and 8  PC's can see all of them. Make sure this is turned Off. I’ve tried all these things and nothing has worked. Thank you very very very much JS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they work for you too. – Used Advanced Sharing of that folder and Set its Permissions to “Everyone”. In Windows 10 1803 (and newer), in order to access the shared resources on another computer over the local network, you need to know its hostname (\\pcname1) or IP address (\\, but neighboring computers in a network are not showed. This is most often accompanied by the error “0x80070035 – Network path not found”. To provide remote access to printers and shared folders, you need to choose at one of three options: Hello Admin! Both ways working perfectly. However, this can be fixed. Click the network icon and verify that the Make this PC discoverable option is enabled. Dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:"SMB1Protocol-Server". in my company used 600 work group computers. Tons of work in this article and informative. o And for “All Networks”, “Public Folder Sharing”, “Turn off password protected sharing”. The only thing that shows up in each of my 2 Win 10 Pro machines under 'Network' is the PC that I'm on. We will also continue using Quick Access with the \\pcname\ pinned and ready to click. Modify Properly the Network Discovery settings. The solution to this problem is described in this article. I had to use the services management console which resolved the issue about network discovery. Click OK to complete and restart. Free shipping for Prime members! You can change the startup type of these services with a following PowerShell one-liner command: To disable the Computer Browser go to the registry key. What worked for me was a bit cumbersome, but 100% effective. You can enable the network discovery services in Windows 10 as follows. 1. really nice article thanks for sharig, problem solved, There is no homegroup for years. Click to check SMB 1.0/CIFS Client (2nd of 3 sub SMB settings) Thank you. Just to say thanks. Thank you Deirdre, that’s the only fix that worked for me. None of this worked (Network Rest did not) until I went into Services and set Function Discovery Resource Publication to start (yes, I know it says not to have it running).