Windows 12 is nothing more or less than a Linux Lite distribution plagued with lies and deception so that users pay 15 pounds to buy a DVD with this distro. Download Free Windows 11 ISO 64 bit 32 bit Update. Whether the Linux distribution Windows 12 Lite is a parody or not: Copyright is obviously a foreign word to the makers of the operating system. It is emphasized several times that Microsoft does not access any data here and does not do business on the back of the user through advertising. And it should address the ?parody? The store makes it clear that this system does not require any activation and is completely free. More than 50 percent of users now rely on Microsoft?s current version of Windows ? the original version of Linux Lite 4.8 is also available as a free download. Which is the Best Linux Distro for Students? For that money, in addition, you can buy a real Windows 10 license on any website, although doing so also carries its risks. is unlikely to have been bought by anybody so far ? It is, with all the letters, a scam. HT Correspondent. That?s the question you have to ask yourself about a ?product? Ultimately, according to the developers, Windows 12 Lite is based on the Linux distribution Linux Lite , which in turn is based on an Ubuntu variant. Windows 12 Lite ISO Download for Linux 64 bit: Windows 12 sells itself as an operating system much faster, safer and more robust than Windows 10. is not a Windows OS either. Windows 12 ?. Provide advanced level tutorial, learners will be introduced to a new range of features that are exclusive to HTML 5, Windows 12 Lite ISO Download for Linux 64 bit, Windows 12 is immune to viruses and ransomware, Download Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File), Windows 11 ISO Download 32 Bit and 64 Bit. Not an OS from Microsoft; Developed by Reddit members; Windows 12 Lite … In addition to its security, Linux Lite is sold as a system that starts in just 7 seconds, and perfect for players (as it brings Wine and Play On Linux, like any other Linux). Many of the advantages attributed to this supposed Windows 12 are really Linux, such as the absence of updates while you work, absence of viruses and ransomware, faster startup, possibility of using Steam, not having to use a license, or not having ads or Microsoft telemetry. The user needs to buy Windows 12 Lite DVD from its official website for £ 15. But there is no way to download an ISO image of Windows 12 . for Microsoft. Windows 12 Lite, a software that has not been announced officially anywhere, is a Linux distro based on LiteOS that has a Windows 10 wallpaper. It can be installed on any number of computers. The Linux distribution Windows 12 Lite violates copyrights in several respects and violates Microsoft?s rights. To make it similar to Windows 12, an Xfce theme and a Windows 10 wallpaper have been added . First impression: Windows 12 Lite may be relatively new, but the website design dates from the 1990s. Windows 12 Lite ? Windows 12 Lite isn’t available to download from the website, but you can buy it for £15 on DVD. However, buyers are asked to leave a good rating if they have purchased the product from Amazon or another manufacturer. Also, with misspellings. and that ? Windows 12 Lite ISO Download for Linux 64 bit: We could not find a purchase link on the Windows 12 Lite website . 11 Feb 2020, 07:38 PM IST in news Windows 10 (Microsoft) Microsoft has its own Windows NT kernel, based on which is the latest Windows 10 operating system. Even if Microsoft should not be bothered by the small niche project, the presentation and the promises are bold and can fool ignorant consumers. But we are facing a Linux distribution based on Linux Lite . authorized criticism of Windows 10, a failed / successful parody or outright plagiarism for moneymaking? is included on a sheet of paper, there you can read, for example, that this operating system starts three times as fast as the original Windows 10 and is also ideal for gamers who use Steam and ?Nvidea? It is unclear who is behind ?Windows 12 Lite?, it is only known that this (bad) copy of Windows is based on Linux Lite and the creators have no idea how to create a website. Therefore, some users are already beginning to think about the next Microsoft operating system, the successor of Windows 10. For example, the following advantages are listed: You can use Windows 12 in parallel with Windows 10 or Windows 7 Windows 12 Lite boots three times faster than Windows 10 Many useful programs are included and 80,000+ programs are available via the software manager Ideal for gamers with Steam and there are ? immunity to malware ? this operating system, it is necessary to access a web page and pay for it. It is that it is simply a version of Linux Lite , with the wallpaper of Windows 10 (something they cannot use, for copyright), and using the name of ?Windows?, something that is also protected by Be owned by Microsoft. The description of ?Windows 12? Windows 10 Setup Helper for gamers, power users and administrators. that can also be installed and used in parallel to Windows 10 by Microsoft . From problems with some native functions of the operating system, to problems with updates. Nor Windows 12 . A strong piece! Its developers sell it as a system up to 3 times faster than its predecessor, they promise perfect updates and, in … what?s behind it? While what they say is true, charging for something that pretends to be Windows and using elements such as the official logo of the operating system is a clear violation of the company?s trademark and copyright. Windows 12 Lite ISO Download for Linux 64 bit:? Windows 12 Lite for PC Windows 10 has been officially available since summer 2015 and is extremely popular . So far, the website has been viewed over 54,000 times. The free Linux distribution is actually intended for those upgrading from Windows 7 and is now sold by fraudsters on DVD and USB sticks. of the product . Being sold at computer fairs, and spotted by redditor hexsayeed, Windows 12 Lite is a Linux distro based on LiteOS with a Windows 10 wallpaper and is being touted as the perfect software for Windows 7 users who need to upgrade. Nvidea (sic!) is nothing more than a modification of Linux Lite, which in turn is based on the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu. Although, in reality, it is a scam. the website only counts a little over 54,000 hits ? And less bad. is not worth employing even one lawyer. Let’s know what kind of OS is Windows 12 and Windows 12 download, which are currently mainstream.Windows 12 not only make up for the shortcomings of conventional Windows XP, but also have the charm of Plus Alpha that makes work … Because not only the colleagues from Computer Base believe that all conceivable Microsoft rights are violated here. drivers (sic !) This is not Microsoft, it is now Windows 12 Lite.? We strongly advise against buying the software ? Windows 12 Lite OS Linux Distribution features . The makers of Windows 12 Lite advertise their operating system as the best alternative to Windows 10. The web has a horrific design that seems made by a child in the early 2000s. The main website of this distro seems to have been designed in the 90s. Windows 12 lite iso download- Windows 12 Lite 4.8 download, Windows 12 Lite OS Linux Distribution features, Top 10 best remote desktop client software tools for Windows, Mac, and Linux, How much will next iPhone cost? Little is known about the basis of the distribution in addition to the operating system kernel Linux and a modified desktop. Nor any updated version of Windows 7 or anything like that. It is not known whether Microsoft will take action against this plagiarism, perhaps it is decided that this ?parody? Users can also purchase the installation via USB from Amazon. How to download TV Series/Web Series on single click, Windows 12 Lite is said to be 3 times faster than the Windows 10, Allowing users to add more than 80000 programs with a built-in software manager.