This one is a consistent taste test winner at tomato … Tomatoes like to eat, so fertilize Cherokee Purple with an organic blend that is rich in phosphorous and potassium along with a moderate amount of nitrogen. Tomatoes are fruits that originated in Peru where it got its Aztec name that translates to “a plump thing with a navel.” There are around 10,000 varieties of tomatoes all over the world that can be pink, purple, … Pests like birds and grasshoppers are not generally as drawn to Cherokee Purples due to their odd coloring, but leaf-eaters like caterpillars can ravage the plant. Stake or cage plants to … How to Prepare Cherokee Purple Tomatoes. In most of the colored varieties, there also are variations between open-pollinated or hybrid tomato … Keeping the tomatoes off the ground prevents most types of blight. See our many varieties of very popular black tomatoes and purple tomatoes … Cherokee Purple grows well in most regions of the U.S. Let the fruit ripen on the vine for the best flavor. The tomato is a beautiful dusky pink with a deep, rich-red interior. Slice Cherokee Purple tomato for rich, dark color and unmatched sweet, rich taste on sandwiches or in salads. Green tomatoes are less acidic than red tomatoes. Cherokee Purple tomatoes … Heirloom tomatoes are listed by groups of black tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, orange tomatoes, pink tomatoes, red tomatoes, purple tomatoes and green tomatoes. Purple and black tomato varieties usually have a more robust and smoky flavor than red tomatoes, and include Cherokee Purple and Black Krim.