Decades after his death, his legacy grows. Vince Gironda’s Impact on Bodybuilding. Vince Gironda Biography. The related 6x6 workout routine is an intermediate version of the same program. Vince GiRonada was a genius in his own rite. Vince Gironda’s 8x8 workout routine is an advanced bodybuilding routines designed to shock your muscles into growth. They called him the Iron Guru. (Topic#23678) fuss400 Total Posts: 12: 03-11-10 09:19 PM - Post# 611136 . III. October 21, 2018. His unique and highly-effective workout principles attracted masses of aspiring and established bodybuilding champions, and even movies stars. He was 79. Vince Gironda, a Hollywood fitness trainer for more than 50 years, died Oct. 18 in Simi Valley of heart failure. He had many anti-mainstream ideas and expressed the belief that fertile eggs in large quantities could work just as well as steroids – a notion deprived of logic. His father, a stuntman, moved his family to … Vince Gironda. Does anyone know the reason why vince died. I read somewhere that he died of heart failure. I heard that he went to bed and never woke up. It is a high volume, old school bodybuilding programs that have become the stuff of legend. Ron Kosloff: Audio Seminar Part 1; T.C. Vince Gironda’s Egg Diet shocks most people when they first hear about it. Nonetheless, the egg diet works, and Vince’s track record proves it. anyone have any information would be much appreciated. INTERVIEWS. 6×6 And 8×8 Vince Gironda Training; 7 Points For Optimum Bodybuilding Training ; 8 Sets Of 8 Reps Vince Gironda Routine; 10-8-6-15 Vince Gironda Training … He admited that … Optimal Eating, Supplements, The Wild Physique October 21, 2018 Vince Gironda, Good Health and Your Colon. Born in 1917 in the Bronx, Gironda’s upbringing was not a traditional one. Most people in their right mind can’t comprehend casually throwing back 36 eggs a week let alone 36 a day. ARTICLES – # 3 Day Maximum Routine; 3 Sets Maximum Workout. Vince Gironda “Hated” Anabolic Steroids But… Vince Gironda was against steroids, or so he said. Rightfully so, because it calls for 36 eggs a day to be consumed. Post: What did vince gironda die of? At the peak of his powers, his physique and legendary training methods were ahead of their time. cajinjohn Total Posts: 12495 : 03-12-10 06:54 AM - Post# 611172 . Luoma Interviews Vince Gironda [1993] “Size without shape is grotesque.” Vince Gironda. II. Vince Gironda always recommended various forms of front squatting with the heels raised, and or hacks and sissy squats but these exercises have always been rough on my knees.