In: van Rootselaar B., Koppelaar H. (eds) Annals of Systems Research. For example, Aristotle pondered about the notion of De Vries R.P., Van Hezewijk R. (1978) Systems Theory and the Philosophy of Science. Gross, Fridolin & Sara Green, 2017, “The Sum of the Parts: Large-scale Modeling in Systems Biology”, Philosophy, Theory and Practice in Biology, 9: 10. The concepts covered within education, in relation to systems, will include educational philosophy, community influence, and leadership. Systems Theory. In his posthumous work, Luhmann also mirrors Heideggerʼs initial insight into the contingent constitution of sense, claiming that systems theory breaks with all positive-ontological conceptions of power. Annals of Systems Research (Publication of the Netherlands Society for Systems Research), vol 7. Even then, some philosophers have varying perspectives on ways to view the world. The Evolution of Systems Theory Systems theory is not a new concept. The notion of thinking about things in wholes rather than parts, have been discussed by early philosophers. It also focuses on the cell's behavior (functionality) as a consequence of spatio-temporal interactions of molecules. In systems theory, objects and relations between objects have identical ontological status. Systems consist of more than just the sum of its parts and are made up of three parts, which are elements, interconnections, and purpose (Meadows & Wright, 2008, p. 11). 3. Systems theory begins with the unity of the difference between system and environmentʼ (Social Systems, pp. 207–12).