balance of brightness and warmth with a lot of "pop". An excellent tonal choice for hollow chambered bodies! many special criteria, be it weight, grain, 1-piece size, etc. NOTICE: Please turn on Javascript in your browser to enable Checkout and other features of this website. This is not a good wood for clear Transparent colors look best on woods with distinct Lacewood is imported from Australia. The swamp-ash sound is twangy, airy, and sweet. It has a similar sound to hard maple but it tends not to be as bright. Its color is Roasted Swamp Ash is Swamp Ash that has been heat-treated to remove moisture and other impurities. great with dye finishes. The color is white, but often has nasty green This is a popular wood for boutique bass builders and its tonal reputation is impressive. creamy, but it also tends to have heartwood featuring pink to brown tints. Supplied quartersawn, this is the same wood used for acoustic guitar tops. Available only in thin The creamy color and bold grain pattern are more visually appealing than other wood types, like alder. Weight wise this wood is pretty similar to Honduran Mahogany and African Mahogany (Khaya) with a specific gravity of .62 and weighing about 39 lbs per cubic foot (Honduran Mahogany is .54 - .64 specific gravity and 34 – 40 lbs per cubic foot, African Mahogany .54 - .59 specific gravity and 34 – 36 pounds per cubic foot). easy to fill. Makore can have a degree of figuring that enhances its appearance. The grain pores are open This waxy feeling wood has an open grain Birdseye does not usually run deep in the boards, so solid Then with mahogany you're going to get a warm, well-rounded tone with great sustain. feel to it. The Its true name is Limba from Africa. Our flame (fiddle-back) and quilted bodies are Western Maple. with little or no distinct grain lines. waxy feel to it. Its weight does offer plenty of sustain though. the harder woods can be. This wood is a very nice choice for clear finishes. creamy white. A Strat® body will normally weigh 5 lbs. Give us a call. Swamp Ash is our second most popular wood. Ash is another wood type favoured by Fender besides Alder. Given the normal color and texture variations found in the Mahogany family most people can’t easily distinguish one species from another. We have two very different types of Ash: Northern Hard Ash and Swamp Ash (Southern Soft Ash). 70s by George Harrison of the Beatles. well connected, and get the good stuff! light weight pieces. White Korina is a medium to heavy weight wood Korina has a naturally waxy finish on this stuff. 4. guitar. is not as pleasing to your ear as the look is to your eye then think about a laminate top. As with heavy wood category with solid Strat® bodies always weighing in at well over 6 lbs. Good wood is paramount in achieving good tone. the pleasing appeal of Walnut always delivers. Koa is sometimes available in flame figure. Roasted Alder is Alder that has been heat-treated to remove moisture and other impurities. All rights reserved. Washington State. Roasted Swamp Ash bodies retain the full-spectrum, slightly snappy tone that Swamp Ash is prized for. Whether using an oil finish or a deep clear gloss, It looks good with a sunburst or a solid color finish. As you contemplate your body purchase, here are several issues to consider: Each piece of wood is inherently unique. bodies. Orders can be placed on the website as usual. The grain pattern, color, shade, weight, and density are all subject to Mother Nature's whims. Flame can be Bright vivid orange color which oxidizes to a warm brown with use. It is usually much lighter weight than Hard been the mainstay for Fender bodies for many years and its characteristic tone has been a part of some of the