This is a different kind of smoothness, SP200 doesn’t roll-off anything in the frequency range, this is just how your music is supposed to sound when you take out all the distortions and noise floor. So, I am observing an unexpected outcome on the sp200. This is where SP200 is shining brighter than other headphone amps, it feels at home when it comes to resolution. System matching is crucial with SP200, you really need to love your source as it will enhance all its sonics, including its flaws. Much like the JDS Labs Atom it’s quite transparent but noticeably more powerful! If you have any feedback, suggestions, or problems with the courier of your shipment, please feel free to submit a support ticket via the "Contact Us" button below.Our goal is to provide our customers with the best shipping experience possible at a reasonable cost. To test SP200 at its maximum potential, a super linear and honest sounding source with close to zero colorations was needed, that is why I used a Matrix Audio Element X. I will be testing the noise floor with FiiO FH7 and with Simgot EN700 PRO IEMs, the transient response will be tested via Quad Era-1, power output, control and linearity tests would be done via Hifiman Arya and I’ve thrown a Sennheiser HD660s into the mix as well, just for fun. SMSL SP200 Review – Hi-Fi sound at a Low-Fi price, TOPPING D50s Review – Strong essences are kept in small bottles, TOPPING D90 DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter), TOPPING E30 DAC (Digital-to-Analog-Convertor), SMSL SU-8 Version 2 DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter), Moondrop Blessing 2 In-Ear Monitor (IEM) Earphone, Linear and straight as a line, zero coloration, Deep and controlled bass, clean top-octave, Ultra-low harmonic or any kind of distortion even at loud levels, Lightning-quick transient response, great slam, Incredibly powerful headphone amp section, Highest value in the headphone amp category as of today. Needless to say, it is my absolute pleasure to recommend the SMSL SP200. There’s a new THX 888 Amp on the market now, SMSL SP200 Price wise it’s pretty competitive at $290 in the US with either Apos Audio who I got mine from and more recently Amazon. To determine if your order is eligible for shipment to PO boxes or an APO/FPO address, please contact SHENZHENAUDIO Support. I am not that lucky by nature so obviously I forgot to pre-order one and put my hands on it. The only thing that bothers me a bit is how easy I can turn the volume wheel, it has very little mechanical resistance and sometimes I just raise the volume way too easily to uncomfortable loud levels. I consider it linear sounding without putting an emphasis on anything. What I really like about THX AAA amps is that they have their noise floor undetected at any volume levels, but will see about that very soon. With Erzetich Thalia or Sennheiser Momentum 3, it’s a child’s play, it will power them all easily without breaking a sweat. This technology allows for the highest fidelity with extreme output power and ultra-low crosstalk. In exchange, SP200 presented a really good see-thought depth where I can easily appreciate how far are all musicians and their location in a 3D field. ♫ The SP200 comes with an included AC power supply and is equipped with XLR and RCA inputs. SOMETHING NEW IS COMING... STAY UP TO DATE! Please allow 3-5 business days for mail-in exchanges to be processed. SP200 will deliver up to 6W of power into 16 ohms or 3W in 32 ohm loads on both ¼” and 4-pin XLR outputs, it doesn’t really matter if you have a balanced headphone cable or not, it delivers its full power on both outputs. SMSL SP200 THX AAA 888 Headphone Amp The SMSL SP200 THX Headphone Amp is the newest product in the SMSL lineup with the top of the line audiophile high power grade THX AAA-888 technology. I tried High gain setting, I paused my music and I started hearing hum from about 10 o’clock position, however, if I would press play, I would go deaf at that volume. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or problems with the courier of your shipment, please feel free to submit a support ticket via the "Contact Us" button below. Once we receive and inspect your item(s), we will credit your account. Sub-bass is incredibly tight, I think this is the right word, it is palpable and very detailed yet layered and deep. With portables like Sennheiser Momentum 3 and with Erzetich Thalia I can go higher, maximum to about 10 o’clock position and that’s it. It makes THX headphone amplifiers more affordable and gets rid of clutter on your desk to boot" - Amir on ASR. At the same time, I remembered how good my former reference Gilmore Lite Mk2 from Headamp sounded, or the Burson Fun or even the cute Bacillus from Erzetich Audio, all were small but huge in terms of sonics. If you have a mediocre sounding source and you expect that a headphone amp will somehow magically make it sound much better, that will never happen with SP200, it will expose all the flaws of the source and of your recordings. When I first looked at it, I wasn’t really sure I am looking from a right angle at it, but when I got to play with it in my hand, I observed the slightly angled case. 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