3 The Difference Between Hot Smoking and Cold Smoking; 4 What Foods Can You Cold Smoke… The Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna comes with a well-balanced design that doesn’t require a lot of oversight during operation. Many customers have found the Smoke Daddy Cold Smoke … Therefore, you may need to fashion a tubing system or drill a hole to deliver the smoke. Getting a cold smoker is the best way to replicate traditional cold smoking on your regular charcoal or pellet grill. They take up less floor space in small cookers and grill setups. Nope, not a Smoke Daddy type rig, Todd developed a stainless perforated tube that hold pellets. It’s suitable for cold and hot smoking alike, and all you have to do is pour fuel into the hopper and attach it to your smoker. However, the Smoke Daddy Cold Smoke Generator uses a 1-1/8-inch mounting hole. One thing I like about the AMAZEN smoke is no moving parts and no electric cord hanging out of my smoker … I think he makes two sizes. Your search for your next grill and smoker … Today we show you 5 of the very best cold smoke generators, and show you everything you need to know about getting the very best out of them. 1.1 Smokehouse Smoke Chief Cold Smoke Generator; 1.2 Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna Csg; 1.3 Amaze-N Sawdust Maze Smoke Generator; 1.4 Amaze-N Pellet Tube Smoker; 2 What is Cold Smoking?