Ping Pong made by Shacksbury in Shoreham, VT, US, average CiderExpert rating: 3.4 out of 5. Cider Spritz - Citrus. As tasty as it is beautiful. But the truth is, the cider industry is so large and varied, with small cider houses in every corner of the U.S. putting out interesting takes on the traditional drink, that there’s probably a cider out there for you, whether you realize it or not. Find our cider in your local shop, get it delivered to your door through our online store or join our cider club for quarterly shipments. Instead of going into the heavily-carbonated, whispy world of Champagne, the Dry delivers the much-more grounded experience of vinegar. Our current offerings are listed below. While a lot of dry ciders come across light and ethereal like Champagne, Shacksbury’s Dry takes a left turn and ends up in a different destination entirely. Dry, and smooth tasting. If you've blacklisted hard ciders for years, it's time to embrace the cider renaissance. We built this cider to be the perfect pair for casual recreation. Cart 0. Our take on a classic dry cider. Oh, and don't tell the commissioner, but this guy has been juicing since 2013. The resulting cider is down right refreshing. Ready for a rematch? Minutes of Cycling. Don’t see the cider you’re looking for? We bottle conditioned this cider and let it ferment completely dry then dressed it up with art from Eva Claycomb. Nutritional Info. The results are double citrus, double dry, and double delicious. Shacksbury has noticed a similar phenomenon. It’s a little salty, a little astringent, and puckering on the back end as the cider disappears on your palate. The gnarled fruit that we find while foraging has, for decades, been chalked up as food for wildlife, ill suited for human consumption “deer snacks”. Cart 0. Sodium 2,300g--/ 2,300g left. Fat 67g--/ 67g left. Even though it’s a massive genre with artists working in all kinds of nuanced sub-genres, from the Carter Family to Hank III? These forgotten apple trees are decades, and sometimes centuries, old. shacksbury nutrition facts and nutritional information. As tasty as it is beautiful. Dry is a shape-shifter — equally at home at an upscale meal as it is in your cooler. At 5 percent alcohol, one of our ciders will come in at about 129 calories. English style cider. Other Half Dry Hopped Arlo is the extra citrusy, piney cousin of Arlo. Cider, meet Nelson. ⁣⁣Now available in 16oz “Big Sluggers!”. When we harvest from these trees, we're tapping into the long and deep tradition of cider making in New England. Arlo is our take on Basque cider — extra dry funky and fresh. Shacksbury used a similar makeup of apples for the Dry, which looks the same in the glass, but has a slightly zestier nose. Cholesterol 300g--/ 300g left. The Vermonter is a dry, gin botanical cider made by slowly fermenting local New England apples and adding juniper berries. 100 % 4g Carbs. There are 160 calories in 1 bottle (355 ml) of Wolffer Dry Rose Cider. At 4.8% and only 70 calories, Lo-Ball currently leads the American League in drinkability. Shacksbury. Activity Needed to Burn: 186 calories. We know better: we spend the fall searching for wild apple trees producing remarkable fruit that cries out to be turned into cider which we harvest by hand and take home to the cidery. Our take on a classic dry cider . The blend was put together in March of 2019 and primed with apple juice for secondary fermentation (wild). This year, for our 2020 Limited Edition Rosé, we partnered up with Chris Brockway from Broc Cellars in Berkley, California who sent us out ridiculously delicious Organic Valdiguie skins. Cider House: Shacksbury City: Shoreham, Vermont Style: Hard Cider ABV: 6.5% Availability: 12-ounce cans, © 2020 Paste Media Group. Enter Shacksbury, a small outfit out of Vermont putting out hand-made ciders that highlight the complexity of the apple. Really? It’s interesting—far more interesting that I was expecting, in the same way that a good apple cider is far more interesting than a store-bought apple juice. But if you want to start simple, grab a can of their classic Shacksbury Dry: You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more complex-yet-refined farmhouse-style cider in a can. 145 / 2,000 cal left. A dry, naturally low sugar cider made like a rosé wine. 100 % 1g Protein. Interested in getting to taste through an amazing selection of limited edition cider or maybe you are just looking for a well deserved beverage post hike - Click above to find out more about our cidery in Vergennes and CO our shared tasting room with ZAFA Wine located in Burlington. Our goal is to make dry (low sugar) balanced beverages that are easy to drink but complex enough to keep you coming back for more. Lo-Ball is a fun loving right-hander known for his highball vibes and citrusy sluggability. Sign up to receive exclusive news and cider release updates. Through our slow, cool fermentation we blend together a … Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for shacksbury and over 2,000,000 other foods at 1.1. Other Popular Results; Dry Cider. Through our slow, cool fermentation we blend together a tried and true mix of apples including the Dabinett. The secret to this cider’s its success is the Dabinett. A lot of craft beer drinkers made up their minds early on about cider and haven’t adjusted their opinion in years. We took our bone-dry cider (Arlo) with natural citrusy notes and doubled down by dry hopping with Motueka and Citra hops. This cider is part of our continuing collaboration series with Momofuku. Shacksbury Shacksbury - Dry Cider. Our core ciders represent our tried-and-true favorites — the ciders we return to again and again, designed to delight cider enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Retrouvez les calories, les glucides et toute la composition nutritionnelle du/de la shacksbury ainsi que plus de 2 000 000 autres aliments sur Every fall, Shacksbury forages for the feral, wild or otherwise forgotten fruit of rural Vermont. Shacksbury. Arlo Cider. Sign In My Account. There’s no better apple for cider than the tannic, bittersweet Dabinett. The secret to this cider’s its success is the Dabinett. Arlo Craft Cider. The sweet notes are muted in this cider, which is exactly as it’s labeled: dry as the desert. Lover Boi is a collaboration between Shacksbury and Butch Judy’s, and a celebration of the LGBTQ community.