Find more Indonesian words at! This is stupid, we have a clear Spanish/Latin origined terminology ruthlessly claimed by Singaporeans while the English terminology befiting for England … Contextual translation of "seal lion" into Malay. It's because of the other tripod is located at not our land. Malay. However the tripod outside the land is not our responsibility. ms Lagipun, Tuhan mahu setiap daripada kita, sebagai anak-anak-Nya, untuk kembali kepada-Nya sebagai Orang Suci yang dianugerahkan, dimeteraikan di bait suci sebagai keluarga, kepada nenek moyang kita, dan kepada generasi kita yang akan datang.15 Cookies help us deliver our services. The Indonesian for sea lion is singa laut. The Malay for lion is singa. seal translation in English-Malay dictionary. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Her hair is inspired by the lion top half while her fish half is represented in light-blue scales on her body. Some of the tripod is submerged to the sea and taken a lot of money to bring back. Find more Malay words at! We propose that tripod which is located in the land is maintain. Sea-Lion is English, the Singaporeans were colonized by the British, while Merlion is Latin and Spanish in origin. Human translations with examples: puma, lion, singa, meterai, fulfill, terutama, dijelaskan, undurundur, sea lion. Unlike the actual merlion, she has hands and legs instead of a tailfin. The 37m-tall Sentosa Merlion appeared in the Magical Sentosa show, awakening at the last scene of the show and shining two laser beams out of its eyes at the audience. sealion translation in English-Malay dictionary.