Celestron’s newest series, the NexStar Evolution are their first Wi-Fi enabled telescopes, allowing you to control the scope right from your smart phone! The radio telescope is composed of 3 meter mesh dish antenna and with support for S band feed. In some cases, and for certain items, there may be longer processing times. Radio astronomy is now a hobby and study that amateur astronomers can enjoy. Compare products from multiple manufacturers and brands to discover ones that match your search criteria and budget. A compact radio telescope with large 2,3 meter diameter parabolic antenna. Radio waves comprise a major part of the information coming to us from our solar system and beyond and there is much we can learn from … Unlike optical telescopes, radio telescopes are found in a greater variety and each type is used for very specific observations. These telescopes have been our best sellers for several years and start in the $600 range. Since 1994 (26 YEARS), Radio Astronomy Supplies has been building Radio Telescopes for Education and Research. In some cases a radio telescope must be built from components. Amateur Radio Telescope Plans. Shop Alibaba.com for the best in radio telescopes for sale ideal for both retailers and wholesalers. Our products are backed by our commitment to customer support, high quality, impeccable ethics, and our ongoing response and … Purchasing a radio telescope isn't like buying an optical telescope. Please allow a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks from receipt of payment to ship date for order processing and manufacturing (excluding holidays). Radio Astronomy Supplies will process all orders in a timely fashion. The INTREPID radio telescope is capable of supporting a wide range of missions with very high flexibility of operations, that can also be remotely controlled through the Web. SPIDER 500A installed in Porto da Balsa radio astronomy station. The Radio2Space Spider 230C is a compact radio telescope that uses the WEB230-5 antenna, a mesh 2.3-meter diameter parabolic antenna designed to offer a large diameter with the lowest possible weight. The CATV Tuner will easily receive the frequency bands of 406-410 MHz and 608-614 MHz (UHF Channel 37) which are both recognized bands for making radio astronomy observations. We also carry a range of SkyWatcher scopes. The CATV Television Tuner sold by MTM Scientific, Inc can be used to build a simple amateur radio telescope for exploring radio astronomy. We decided to capture data from Orion A, the Orion Nebula (M42) that emits also radio waves at… Installations. Our engineering staff has been instrumental in the development of high-quality instrumentation "designed specifically for Radio Astronomy". They are harder to find, and usually require assembly and software troubleshooting. This may be due to vendor delays or an increase in the number of customer orders in process. SPIDER 500A is a 5 meter radio telescope that, thanks to the large antenna and the specifically designed radio astronomy receiver, offers a very high sensitivity. Radio2Space radio astronomy telescopes are designed to be installed in backyards, smaller schools and institutions allowing you access to a wealth of scientific information. Some radio telescopes for sale categories have an objective lens and high magnification to deliver quality and clear images.