Important information about purchasing from the US. Featuring a self noise of only 5dBA, the NT1-A is the world's quietest studio microphone. I personally have tested at least 50 mics in my life ranging from $100 to the $3000+ U57 tubes. Chaque couple appairé est fourni avec un certificat signé et daté, indiquant les deux numéros de série. Immediately upon receiving the NT1-As I started using them for recording vocals and guitars and I haven't looked back. Excellent Mic. This microphone is a key to keeping the most realistic sound to your voice or instrument, allowing you to tweak your sounds to perfection later, or keep everything natural and untouched to create an intimate listening experience. This mic takes value and slams it on it's face! By continuing to use our site, you accept our, © 2020 RØDE Microphones. Et une vidéo pédagogique téléchargeable regroupant des astuces d'enregistrement. I did .... and bought a second! Premium microphones and audio accessories for studio, live and location recording. Les numéros de série sont gravés à la fin de l’usinage du corps du micro, avant l’assemblage des composants électroniques et bien avant le voicing et le contrôle de qualité. An obvious highlight of this microphone is the low-noise, thanks to the 'transformerless surface mount circuitry". Tous droits réservés. Les ingénieurs de RØDE ont travaillé sur le NT1 pour allier l'innovation et la tradition, en commençant par la conception de sa capsule qui est totalement inédite. I bought this based upon a friends recommendation to record some scratch tracks for upcoming demos. If you see a price that looks too good to be true, it probably is! RØDE really makes it easy for their customers to get everything they need in one conveniently priced package. You can view a current list of unauthorized US dealers here. Si vous avez des questions ou un problème concernant le NT1-A, rendez-vous à notre page de contact pour localiser ou contacter votre distributeur local, Barre stéréo de 20cm pour configurations stéréo, L’application “Soundbooth Studio” pour iPad est également disponible sur, We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. It doesn't matter what kind of project you're working on, the NT1-A will excel beyond your imagination and if you think it stops there, think again. Let’s get started. For the money, it's absolutely unbeatable! I was expecting it to be a plastic nightmare, but yes folks, it's SOLID metal and the hottest design I've seen in years! This mic is worth every cent! Les couples appairés de micros RØDE n’ont pas nécessairement (en fait, presque jamais) des numéros de série qui se suivent. I've used it for all my vocal and guitar tracks and have even been surprised with it's piano capability! So I put off buying this mic for a while having been seduced by Neumann, AKG, etc. range)! after review of how amazing it was. Featuring a self noise of only 5dBA, the NT1-A is the world's quietest studio microphone. Featuring a self noise of only 5dBA, the NT1-A is the world's quietest studio microphone. You should buy this. Throughout the years I've found the NT1-A to be one of the most reliable and best sounding mics I've ever used. I rarely write reviews but I had Le micro à condensateur cardioïde RØDE NT1-A avec capsule de 1” est devenu un véritable standard: sa chaleur, sa plage dynamique, sa clarté et sa résistance à des niveaux de pression acoustique élevés ne se retrouvent que sur quelques micros comptant parmi les plus chers du marché. Beware of counterfeit goods. JFET impedance converter with bipolar output buffer, 137dB (@1kHz, 1% de distorsion harmonique sous 1kΩ), 13.7dBu (@1kHz, 1% de distorsion harmonique sous 1kΩ) (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1KΩ load), -31.9dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (25.00mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz, Niveau de bruit équivalent (pondération A), 1 an avec extension gratuite de la garantie à 10 ans après enregistrement, Grande capsule de 1” avec membrane plaquée or, Bruit propre ultra faible de 5dB (A) à peine, Véritable condensateur (polarisation externe), Livré avec suspension RØDE SM6, filtre anti-pop et protection anti-poussière. We’re proud to say that the NT1-A has become an industry standard - providing the warmth, extended dynamic range, clarity and high SPL capability usually only featured by some of the most expensive microphones. hyped Shure SM7B in my opinion. This is extremely useful if you choose to drive your tube preamps hard with vocals. It gives me a clear, crisp, warm sound that I Ce n’est qu’après ces opérations qu’une petite partie des microphones (selon le modèle) sont testés et assemblés en couples appairés. It sounds like a $1000 mic. The NT1-A’s capsule (1″ diameter) has its own shock mount within the unit, stopping any vibrations resonating with the body of the mic from muddying up your sound. The RØDE NT1-A is the defacto industry-standard large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone. This includes personalizing content and advertising. RØDE is running circles around everyone right now! Il est fabriqué en Australie et couvert par une garantie RØDE étendue gratuitement à 10 ans. The clarity and presence of the mic is significantly better than others in the $150-$250 range. I can't say there are any negatives to this mic. RØDE’s AI-1 Audio Interface is stacked with incredible technology to ensure recording on your computer is easy, versatile and sounds superb. RØDE are the company that keeps on giving (and at a low price! Check our website to make sure you’re purchasing from an authorized RØDE reseller. I do a lot of VO work for commercials, radio, narrations and so on and this It will work perfectly both on Windows and Mac OS. 3-different mic's, i can now say my search is FINALLY over! This mic made my guitar shine, even while connected to my lower end mic pres. You shouldn’t have any issues miking most instruments upfront and head-on with the NT1-A with a Maximum SPL of 137dB, aside from maybe a really heavy-footed drummer’s kick or directly in front of the horn of a brass instrument. Amy Winehouse recording Valerie in studio, Nobody's Perfect (Jessie J Cover) - By Alexa Goddard, Turn My Swag On (Keri Hilson/Soulja Boy/Cher Lloyd Remix Cover) - Alexa Goddard, Passion-Can't Help But Wait/So Sick (Youtube Exclusive), RØDE University - Studio Sound Effects Recording, RØDE University - Recording Guitars with the RØDE NT1-A, RØDE University - Recording Vocals with the RØDE NT1-A, Your Love Is Everything - Jesus Culture (Jayesslee cover), From Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center, Lire l’article complet:, Lire l’article complet:, Lire l’article complet: J’ai acheté un couple appairé de micros dont les numéros de série ne se suivent pas. sound quality of the NT1-A wins hands down. The end result is a warm sounding, dynamically broad true condenser. I know the SM7 is a dynamic mic but the Sam has been a hardcore Beyer user for years but is now a devoted RØDE fan. This is the quietest mic, hands down - which is great if you live in a busy city like I do. Should anything happen to your microphone, RØDE guarantees its microphone’s continued quality with a 10 year warranty. © 2020 RØDE Microphones. I expected quality from RØDE, but I didn't expect such excellence in a mic with a price range so far below the competitors.