The Best Compressor Pedal for Acoustic Guitar. Selling this dbx 266xl stereo compressor limiter / gate. It is intended for situations where extra flexibility is required to optimize signal levels by delivering essential control along with simplicity of operation. All original Urei 1176 Rev. The most recommended pedals for the acoustic guitar are the Mooer Yellow Compressor, Xotic SP Compressor, and EHX Black Finger (my favorite and what I currently use). 10 best guitar capos for acoustic and electric guitar (Image credit: TC Electronic) 7. I love my LA-4s for Acoustic guitars. A dynamic range compressor is essentially a tool that takes any given signal and - when used correctly - can lower the volume peaks of a track but can also be used to make the softer parts loud, ultimately giving the entire track a more balanced volume output. The best compressor pedal with app connectivity. All filter caps have been changed, and the unit is very quiet. First off, a compressor is sometimes a limiter, but a limiter is never a compressor. Every time I read a thread where someone says not to compress acoustic guitars, I go and unplug my LA4's and I lose a whole lot of detail and low end clarity. I never track acoustic guitar with a compressor, but I have a pair of LA-4's in "Set it and forget it" mode that I use constantly. It softens the edges that usually sound harsh on an acoustic guitar. The S-com plus is a highly adaptable stereo compressor/limiter in an efficient single rackspace design. Functions how it should. 'F' Limiter / Compressor. TC Electronic HyperGravity Multiband . Immaculate, and sounds amazing on vocals, snare, acoustic guitar, bass, kick (and pretty much everything else). It smoothens out the tone, making it sound more polished. This isn't the 'wannabe' re-issue, it's the real deal.