The pawpaw (Carica papaya L.) is the most economically important fruit in the Caricaceae Family. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> A:o4��O�G����޵�ԉHs+(�EV������~�!��~k�;}4 �#�Ӭ^�ŵ��;�R^}Z(E ��EY���y����s���_�����hX����4�C��漡�ve��2s�g �->"خ�&�Q�m��:�vq�'\�©���p�z���-=��[�`�µ���z�`�#��p�vv��m�W]�nu¥��PS�ԉ�>]��gic��碠�ܖ4 ���2�2���o�>6�PEZ&`B1E��qa�H�b�D k#T {�$�P�'-�㰅�p +�Җ�a�-9zM��nG\fжBRi*m��Β'1+����Xľ��E�\[�*\��x�CE9�8�� ����rM�B2����:�W�U՜��a�&��=DS>PL������;1w'�͝h�.쨷��h�k���Z{]�`�a�z�˔�=���4. However, farmers do not extend its life beyond 2-3 years as from the 3rd yes production decreases. 4 0 obj <> female papaya plant, and therefore selection of a suit­ able site is critical. This work offers comprehensive, current coverage of preharvest and postharvest handling and production of fruits grown in tropical, subtropical and temperate regions throughout the world. Written by an international team of contributors, Novel enzyme technology for food, Books about 50 Years of Crop Science Research in India, The Latex Collected From Young Papaya Fruits Or Other Species Of The Genus, Carica Is Purified To Liberate The Papain Of Commerce, Which Being A Rich Source Of Proteolytic Enzymes Finds Utilization In A Number Of Big Or Small Industries. 1 0 obj A well cared for and healthy crop can produce large yields of fruit and resist disease. 8 Production Technology of Fruit Crops Sun drying leads to browning of the papain and to a considerable loss of enzyme At the time of harvest, papayas must not suffer any injuries or blemishes. %���� endobj Papaya cultivars differ in papain production efficiency . endobj It is among the first 10 in the production of apples, papaya, oranges, grapes and pineapples. Enzymes are a useful biotechnological processing tool whose action can be controlled in the food matrix to produce higher quality products. The economic life of papaya lasts for a maximum of 4 years. Papaya being a tropical fruit grows well in the mild sub-tropical regions of the country upto 1,000 m. above sea level. 2 0 obj countries. 3 0 obj Night temperature below 12 0-14 0 C for several hours during winter season affects its growth and production severely. The medicinal properties of papaya fruit and other parts of the plant are also It discusses over 60 major and minor crops, and details developments in fruit handling and disease control, storage practices, packaging for fruit protection, sizing equipment, The food industry is constantly seeking advanced technologies to meet consumer demand for nutritionally balanced food products. Papaya (Carica papaya L.) is an important fruit crop throughout the tropics and is commonly known for its food and nutritional values throughout the world. endobj <>>> x��i��6�{��Ev�ŌF$u�ҴI� �M�]�����بGr;M����dQV۠c�"�w������,��W_�>=����*ys{�~���tX߾Z�۵��k��:���g�7w��>�(����G"��?�Hդu�TY�ur���Q���?/?zs�jQ^-���j�i�_-�ō�zv�w��q�;��B���%w?>~��� f3S�J�J�S��J���t7Y*�,I)d*�������_�LZ�!Uu�d���UU��U�M��")�"��y*�D�͗��F�6�����I�}.�h)�4��u ��ל|��Y�ܾ��|�÷I�Y%B��Өh�9��o���yD��n��S �T��j!�\i�/���a�����E�@C�z�h��=0�q��v���C��N^,j섽Bo���k���;|�^���? PAPAYA FARMING PROJECT REPORT – MANURE AND FERTILIZERS REQUIREMENTS. - Papain Production Technology... Sun drying leads to browning of the papain and to a considerable loss of enzyme activity . The five fruits namely Mango, Banana, Citrus, Guava and Apple account for 75% of the total fruit production. Temperature In some parts of the world, specially Australia and some islands of the West Indies, it is known as papaw, or pawpaw, names which are better limited to the very different, mainly wild Asimina triloba Dunal, belonging to the Annonaceae. Insufficient sunlight results in low yields and fruits with inadequate sugar and en­ courages plant diseases affecting papaya production. For The Everincreasing Demand, A Large Section Of Papaya Farmers, The Shadow Volume 1: The Fire of Creation, Ramses: The Lady of Abu Simbel - Volume IV, Black Hammer Vol. Fertilizing the papaya crop is essential for a satisfactory production. 5.1 Agro-climatic requirements . Post-Harvesting Practices. stream . G����;X�$:T��(ͥJU1^>A#!�j�b@#�����R�+��,J��E&������%��E� P]�_ Another condition to consider is the amount of sunlight the site receives to support plant growth and fruit production. Papaya Seed Preparation, Germination and Cultivation History: Papaya is a crop requiring care and attention, especially in the early stages of production. 3: Age Of Doom Part One, The Afrocentric Praxis of Teaching for Freedom. activity . In the United States, papaya production represents only about 0.1% of total world production. India ranks first in the production of mango, banana, sapota and acid limes in the world. Good farm management and timely care can increase papaya production to a great degree. Although the United States does not produce a significant . It is observed that 250 g of nitrogen, 250 g phosphorous and 500 g of potash supplied to the papaya plant in 6 equal parts over a period of one year has delivered better results. number of papayas, it is the world’s largest papaya … India leads the world in papaya production followed by Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Mexico. Papain is an economically important alternate product of papaya culture <> Papain is an economically important alternate product of papaya culture Papaya cultivars differ in papain production efficiency . %PDF-1.5 PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY .