Upon discovery of the pepper, plant breeder's rights were applied for and obtained with the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in order to protect the species. Supporting your peppadews, and other plants like the broad beans between the leeks that you can see is important; those that become top heavy with fruit. It helps to prevent various cancers. Growing peppadews from seed is a breeze. Create a Cyan Zone at your home; one which complements blue areas for longevity with green for protecting Mother Earth. One of the reasons I am passionate about many coloured vegetables is the high content of lutein and zeaxanthin, the two carotenoids found in very high concentration in the macula of the eye where they give protection against high energy light. Actually the effect stays with you for the whole day. But they are not too hot, especially if you remove some or all of the seeds. Peppadew recipes are so diverse; you could eat them straight from the jar, or enjoy them stuffed with feta cheese or hummus for example. I advise you to keep a few of last season's bushes as they will bear sooner, but plant more seed too. That is massive. Germination will take 1-4 weeks. This sweet, hot and tangy fruit is known and used throughout the culinary world for its unique, delicious flavour, which is a mixture of peppery and sweet. It has all the piquant flavour of the chili But the scientific evidence is there; those who enjoy eight or more coloured foods every day have a 33 percent lower all cause of death. It is purely anecdotal but I am convinced that it is foods like this that enable us to enjoy a life without medication. Peppadew are produced from the plant Capsicum baccatum, related to the classic Bell Pepper, Capsicum annum. They are made of treated timber, so they will not rot. Used in traditional medicine to support immune function and reduce inflammation. Do you really want to get off medication? Water them well during any dry periods, like any other plants in the veggie garden. issue in the garden; so many plants if cut back will send up new Capsicum spp. They have incredible flavor unlike any pepper we’ve grown. ), Peppadew Pepper, Photo by NatsGard3n (All rights reserved). The pepper family in general is the second richest source of vitamin C, after citrus; this week is the winter solstice and we are still enjoying them every day. We are still in the phase of testing and ultimately will do a What exactly does piquant mean? the rights to grow the new variety; they are so easy to plant that you The legumes that grow in the winter provide the nitrogen for the summer veggies. This is not particularly hot and we will experimenting with adding some of the seeds to create different levels of heat. Sow them a quarter-inch to a half-inch deep in the soil mixture. So, growing peppadews is not difficult. Never pay a lot of money for Incidentally do not also grow hot chillies in your garden if you have peppadews; the bees will cross-pollinate them and gradually they become hotter. And with beehives in the garden every single flower is pollinated. If you are growing peppadews, share your experiences with us and this lady will show you how she makes Aleppo pepper flakes. Everyone with chickens in Hollowed-out fruit eaten raw in salads and in various other dishes including pizza, pasta, omelettes and dips or pickled to preserve. First bred in the nineties, camouflaged birds in the background? Did Food and inflammation are undeniably linked. Peppadews also make an excellent green chili sauce recipe; and because they are not so hot, you need not wait until they are bright red. It was named, branded, and the seed was patented. You could bite into one provided you gave the seeds the miss. (1). So, growing peppadews is not difficult. This popular, elusive seed is now available for those that want to grow fresh peppers instead of eating the canned variety. That is about right. Research shows that fruits and vegetables of various colours, like peppadews, have a relatively high content of these two phytochemicals that protect us from age-related macular degeneration.