How to Treat Fruit Tree Borers. The peach twig borer is one of the most important peach pests. The adult peach tree borer is a blue-black moth. The first indications of its presence you might notice are small piles of sawdust around the base of the tree. Mating disruption. If the damage of the tree is quite extensive the only way to take care of the infestation is to remove the whole tree from its roots and replace it with new one. Found products with .4 %, others with 44%. Here are some practices we suggest: Replacing the tree. Once boring begins, larvae are protected within the tree, so timely, proactive treatment is essential. The peach tree borer or Synanthedon exitiosa. It can kill twigs and disfigure or infest fruit. It originated in Europe and was first reported as a pest in California in the 1880s. However, it's the inch long caterpillar larvae that do the damage, boring into the bark at or near the soil level. During its immature stages, it can cause serious damage to its host tree, affecting its overall health and crop yield. Peach Peachtree Borer Scientific name: Synanthedon exitiosa (Reviewed 4/10, updated 4/10, pesticides updated 9/15, corrected 1/19) In this Guideline: Description of the pest; Damage; Management; Publication; Glossary; DESCRIPTION OF THE PEST. Hosts. Sometimes a gummy sap oozes from holes. To prevent devastating loss and to protect the plants from severe damages, it is critical to be familiar with how to get rid of peach tree borers. Asked July 7, 2014, 12:00 PM EDT. 1) Where can I purchase the correct product. I don't have acres of trees - just one Mayday. Controlling Peach Tree Borers: Effective peach tree borer control focuses on reaching larvae before they bore into trees. After treatment has completed, tree borers should no longer be infesting your tree but you will need to make sure they do not reinfest. Maintain healthy trees. Gum exuding from around the base of the trunk is evidence of peachtree borer. is a pest that belongs to the family of moths and native from North America. The damage shows up around the bottom of the trunk in fall, but the stress began long before. Already lost one tree I used Sevin, and want to spray with Esfenvalarate as directed- what solution ? Certain mating disruption pheromone dispensers are registered for the control of peachtree borer on peach, nectarine, cherry, prune, plum, and apricot. Cultural management. Older trees with more than one larva per tree should be treated. Treat tree trunks with preventive sprays beginning in late spring to target larvae as they hatch and travel down the trunk to bore. The twig borer has become a common pest of peaches and other tree fruits in eastern Washington. The damage is similar to that caused by the oriental fruit moth. Peach tree borer treatment. Read your article on peach tree borer.Windsor tree board diagnosed. Stressed trees are the ones peachtree borers attack.