2 Thank you for purchasing our sliding gate opener. It can lift up gates up to 1400Lbs at speed 43ft per minute. Do not leave out the manual if you send this product to a third party. Install the gate operator on the inside of the property; DO NOT SL600AC SLIDING GATE OPERATOR 1 1. The product is supplied with a user’s manual which encloses installation and safety Fig.1 6. Elite Gate Opener User Manuals Download ManualsLib has more than 11 Elite Gate Opener manuals Click on an alphabet below to see the full list of models starting with that letter: For a gate opener utilizing a contact sensor in accordance with Usage Class: 1) One or more contact sensors shall be located where the risk of entrapment or obstruction exists, such as at the leading edge, trailing edge, and post-mounted both inside and outside of a vehicular horizontal slide gate. Sliding Gate Operator User's Manual WARNING THIS PRODUCT MUST BE INSTALLED BY A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN BMG Imports Sliding Gate Opener MODEL No. Sliding Gate Operator User's Manual SL600AC If enable the auto-close function, must use the infrared sensor. Products Thank you for choosing this sliding gate opener. The Please read the manual carefully before assembling and using it. Mechanical Installation Installation and Adjustment The SKC-600DC Chain-Driven Gate Opener will handle gate weighing up to 300Kg (661lb) and up to 8m (26ft) if the proper installation procedures have been followed. 2 Thank you for purchasing GA2000 chain drive sliding gate opener. As a leading designer and manufacturer in gate automation industry, TOPENS is proud to be setting the high standard in designing and producing the swing gate opener, sliding gate opener Thousands of gate openers have been installed for different houses and gardens in over 50 countries worldwide, making users to have their delight life till now. We are sure that the products will be greatly satisfying as soon as you start to use it. OrangeA Sliding Gate Opener AC600 1400Lbs with 2 Remote Controls Move Speed 43ft Per Min, Basic Model The AC600 is the OrangeA sliding gate opener which has 2 remote controls.