Of the remaining 123 mha, 40 are completely unproductive. LECTURE NOTES . Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. OPERATIONS RESEARCH . The first five activities are quite well known therefore we are discussing only the sixth i.e managerial activities. On fera d’abord allusion à la façon de gérer les hommes, mais aussi aux techniques d’organisation de ressources pouvant être mises en place pour l’adm Cours/formation management en PDF à télécharger Y. İlker Topcu, Prof. Dr. Acknowledgements: We would like to acknowledge Prof. W.L. Beasley's lecture notes which greatly influence these notes... We retain responsibility for all errors and would love to hear from visitors of this site! Introduction!! PDF | On Aug 2, 2017, Matteo Bracciotti published OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT STUDY | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate Management depth and succession planning exist. The strategies for the joint management of forests should be evolved in a well planned way. 7. Notes 53 Principles of Management DIPLOMA IN INSURANCE SERVICES Although industrial or business organizations differ from one another in nature, size or complexities of operation yet all these six activities are common in all enterprises. Management is trustworthy and committed in every respect. Capability. Il!y!a!différentes!fonctions!au!sein!d’une!entreprise. Degradation of Land: At present out of the total 329 mha of land, only 266 mha possess any potential for production. Integrity information sharing and open communication practice through out the organization. Personnel are professional and competent. Of this, 143 mha is agricultural land nearly and 85 suffers from varying degrees of soil degradation. Winston's "Operations Research: Applications and Algorithms" and Prof. J.E. La notion du management renferme plusieurs dimensions. 1. High morale and stable labor environment prevail.