V1.3 - Note that there are some head-unit photos missing, I will add as I get hold of the various units. 75% Upvoted. I was actually quite shocked at how much smaller and lighter it was than the NTG3. The NTG5 is a boom operator’s dream, weighing a mere 76g and measuring just over 20cm, making it ideal for use on long, demanding shoots. COMAND-APS NTG4. NTG-3 vs. MKH 416. The included MicroUSB cable makes charging simple and convenient, meaning the mic can be charged via a computer, power-brick or even your car. $289.99. This can be found under "HU5S1" -> "Download". Introduction. Hello I'm wondering if there's much difference between these two mics. Price – AU$499. NTG5*1 is fitted to facelift A, B, CLA, GLA, W207-E, W212-E, CLS, GLE and GLS vehicles. Mercedes introduced COMAND NTG5 in the W222 S-Class at launch in 2013. Onboard EQ & pad make it a flexible run-and-gun mic. 13 comments. Only 19 left in stock - order soon. https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/01/16/rode-videomic-ntg-review It can be enabled through Vediamo, by setting the "Download" parameter "DL_Switch_Engineering_Mode" to "ON".
Absolutely! This thread is archived. ... NTG5*2 is fitted in S, CL, C, GLC, AMG-GTS, X-Class and the new generation Vito. save. Been browsing for a while and saw a recent post that made me consider getting a new mic. See attached pictures for details. Mercedes NTG5 COMAND and Audio 20 Systems. The NTG5 is significantly lighter than previous generations of the NTG series. report. COMAND 4.7 is an updated version of the NTG4.5. I have a Tascam 60D and wondering what mic would be the best for value? I've heard, and read, vastly contrasting opinions from "they sound almost identical" to "the NTG-3 is not even in the same league" and it's difficult to know which opinions to trust. Le NTG5 est le rêve de tout perchiste avec son poids de seulement 76 g et sa longueur d'à peine plus de 20 cm, l'idéal pour les tournages longs et exigeants. NTG5*5 was fitted to the new W213-E class and is replacing NTG5*2 as vehicles are face-lifted. The maps were updated as well. This systems was strangely known as NTG5*2 internally. Comand NTG5.1 does have an engineering mode like the previous Comand systems, but it is disabled by default. Part numbers: A1669000212. While 91 grams may not sound like much, it will make a huge difference when holding a boom arm up for hours on end. The main change is that it allows sharing the internet of your iPhone or Android phone with the head unit. hide. Cons –. Compared to the NTG3, the NTG5 is much shorter and lighter. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Internal Battery (NTG4+) Provides 150+ hours of operation from with a charge time of only two hours. NEED TO KNOW. This redu… Rode says the frequency response of the NTG5 has been ‘tailored’ for low self-noise of 10dbA and features a ‘highly directional’ supercardioid polar pattern. Pros –. It was installed on Mercedes produced around 2012. 4 is not better than 3. Contact – Rode Microphones: +61(2) 9648 5855 or info@rodemic.com. Not available on all markets. It features RF-bias circuitry to ensure reliable performance in adverse environments, with excellent resistance to high humidity, severe cold, damp, and dust. At only 203mm long and 72 grams, it is 52mm shorter and 91 grams lighter than the NTG3. NTG4+ or MKE 600? COMAND APS NTG4.7. COMAND APS NTG4.5 The NTG4 system is a reduced cost version of NTG3 technology. Internal rechargeable battery. share. Sort by. Rode NTG4+ Supercardioid Condenser Shotgun Microphone with Inbuilt Battery 4.6 out of 5 stars 995. The redesigned microphone features RF-bias technology and conformal coating to keep it protected against adverse weather conditions.