If no sound is picked up by the microphone, make sure that the phantom power on your mixer or separate power supply is switched on. MXL microphones can be used on stage live in concert or in a garage, home studio or rehearsal space. MXL V250 is a condenser microphone with small diaphragm, which makes it very viable for acoustic guitars, pianos, and metal percussions, as it responds more quickly to transient sounds. Bypass the signal electrolytics with a Wima .01 uf MKP-2. The V250 is full-sounding and just bright enough, with hardly, if any sibilance issues. If you can find a good deal on one, go for it! The MXL V250 is a fixed cardoid condenser mic with fet output, and a frequency response of 30hz to 20khz. There are a Few Mods that you can do to that Mic. MXL V250 Mods. MXL mics deliver high quality sound on par with far more expensive mics. 'Course, if a Neuman won't break your bank account, then you don't even need to be looking at an MXL! mxl 2006 gearslutz. However, though it has a wide frequency response range of 30 Hz – 20 kHz, it has significantly deeper low-frequency response which makes it not the most excellent mic to capture low-ends. The easy but sonically significant change is to replace the mic's small-diaphragm capsule with one of our premium large-diaphragm models. CD Playlist, Credits, Lyrics, and Song Notes! For those with more DIY experience, and for those who demand a world-class microphone, we offer a drop-in replacement audio circuit kit. It is an OEM microphone, commissioned by Guitar Center/Musicians Friend. We offer two modification/upgrade options for the MXL V250. If you're a podcaster and don't have the money for, say, the Heil PR40 or a Shure sm7b, I think you'll be happy with this one. MXL designs and engineers recording tools, signal processors and music accessories for consumers, musicians, hobbyists and audio professionals. All OEM manufacturing by MXL is carried out in accordance with the customers requirements and specifications, and is subject to non disclosure agreements with the customer.